BESAME COSMETICS - Modern Make Up with a Vintage Feel

If you have always dreamed of being a siren from the past, that dream can now be a reality. Let me introduce you to Besame Cosmetics, but be warned it packs a powerful punch in a beautifully small package. Long lasting, beautiful, with a full range of great product, and you thought you were only dreaming. You won't be happy until you have collected them all, but as addictions go this one is worth it.


I am really into polka dots and would like to keep it modern. any thoughts?

Polka dots always a favorite design motif just make people happy. I think the modernity is in the mix, wear them where they are least expected, on lingerie peeking out of a crisp starched white blouse or as accessories with bold print polka dot jewelry or a large print on the outside small contrast dot print on the lining of a cute fabric handbag. Another choice is to go bold and mix different size polka prints together from large to tiny. Make yourself happy and wearing polka dots you will always receive smiles and who doesn't love a great smile.


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STYLE ICON - Lena Horne

Always elegant and beautifully groomed Lena Horne was one of the consummate style icons of the 1950's. Always a champion of the emerging designer, willing to use he style as a way of getting their work noticed, she will always be remembered as a beautiful, talented woman with a distinctive voice.

Lena Horne
1917 - 2010


LULU GUINNESS - Modern Vintage Accessories

What do you seek when only the most unusual accessory will do? We suggest you reach for a whimsical handbag by the unique British handbag designer Lulu Guinness. Always fresh and fun with a bit of a vintage feel, her bags will always bring a smile to, and usually start a conversation with total strangers. What a great way to meet new people, almost like having your own personal match maker. " Life is a bowl of Cherries" is no longer just a salutation, it is now an actuality, embrace it fully, add this bag to your style arsenal and you will no longer be in the pits.


EMANUEL UNGARO - Mixing Modern & Vintage Style

Some days you just feel like a flirt, you know who you are! What better way to show that then by wearing a colorful cherry print skirt and blouse that sways and swings with each step you take. Wear this 1980s vintage Emanuel Ungaro over a rich purple and pink stripe satin and lace embellished camisole and tap pants so that you can unbutton the blouse a bit more then is proper showing your skills at mixing patterns. Ungaro would be proud because he was the premiere French mixologist of print, pattern and color. Now go forward there is flirting to be done.


Looking radiant on the red carpet, Kristin Davis arrives at the annual White House Correspondent's Dinner wearing vintage Pierre Balmain Couture. This beautiful white silk faille gown with intricate beaded bodice is a perfect example of how the sharp crisp lines of one decade can again appear both fresh and modern. Give modern vintage a try, we know you will be pleased and that you will return again.