Coco Avant Chanel is a wonderful cinematic exploration of the origins of the style of Coco Chanel. Ann Fontain captures beautifully that period of time where the style of the Belle Epoque begins to give way to the influences of a less structured sense of style. The film shows that the simplicity of cut and quality are far more eye catching then an abundance of corseted elaborate decoration.

Coco Avante Chanel
Director: Ann Fontain

Simplicity mixed with great cut and elegant fabrication will always stand the test of time as well as always be eye catching. Hoochie may sometimes get attention but simple elegance will always inspire.


CALVIN KLEIN - Mixing Vintage & Modern Style

Take a great modern vintage leather jacket and mix it with a modern sensibility by combining it with current fashion. Here a pale pistachio Calvin Klein Collection leather jacket from the very early 1990s is mixed with a great shaped skirt and and softly draped blouse that is softened with a pair of open toed lace ankle boots. Always remember the modernity is in the mix.



The Art of Travel
Norman Parkinson
Vogue 1951

good morning do you know where i can buy the art of travel prints by norman parkinson there where 4 in the collection but can't seem to find them anywhere many thanks valerie

My recommendation would be to contact:
Eric Franck Fine Art
61 Willow Walk
London, SE1 5SF, UK
+44 20 7394 9743
They rep the Norman Parkinson Estate and I feel sure they would be delighted to accommodate your every need. The series would make a great addition to any fashion related collection.

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VINTAGE HOLIDAY - Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Wearing the green today is the only way to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day . If you can also add the shamrock without it looking like holiday wear then you have reached vintage nirvana. Here we have a spring green Irish linen dress enhanced by bold pewter shamrocks created in the early 1960s by Bill Blass when he was head designer at Maurice Rentner. Wear it to celebrate the day and all through the spring and summer, making a great addition to your modern vintage collection.

Bill Blass for Maurice Rentner
American - Circa. 1960s
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Vintage Theirry Mugler looking modern at the GLADD Awards. Cynthia Nixon shows why she is a member of the cast from SATC, looking chic and now wearing vintage and even more important she paid for the privilege. Think about what that says for vintage, when you choose not to promote a designer by borrowing and being a walking billboard, but stand alone for your own sense of style.


I wear vintage head to toe. Is that the wrong way to wear vintage?

There is no right or wrong way to wear vintage, as long as you are being true to your own style that is what is most important. Vintage touches our senses as new never will. Eliciting memories that are unique and different for each one, this in turn will inspire individual choices in how we incorporate vintage into our own style. I like to mix vintage into my look by day, usually a vintage seventies Missoni cardigan under a forties nubby silk sport coat with jeans and vintage John Lobb loafers,but if attending a formal event you will most often see me in a vintage shawl collar white dinner jacket and Brooks Brothers patent pumps. So I mix by day/night but do head to toe for formal occasions. The most important thing to remember is "too thy on style be true".

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What bag do you most often carry?

I can usually be spotted with a supple black leather zip top document case in hand if I need to keep up with a bunch. Supple because I have been using it since the 70s. I tend to have separation issues. I'm not much for the man bag, as long as I have my keys, my phone and cash I tend to be very low maintenance. If I were a woman I would take the old slogan from Bottega Veneta to heart, "when your own initials are enough". Never a fan of anything labeled "IT" I prefer being an iconoclast. My slogan has always been lead never follow.

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The red carpet was rocking for the premiere of "Our Family Wedding"The star of the film America Ferrera was wearing an eye catching vintage Angelo Tarlazzi. It looks like the eighties are being embraced with love. The gown was a strapless printed silk lame in shades black and silver with a bell shaped skirt that ended in a bubble hem. A bit over the top yet playfully sexy, what more can you ask for when sporting vintage eighties. Viva la Bold!

(click Angelo Tarlazzi to view another great example of the designers work.)

Is your home as vintage as your business?

You bet! I live in a Claude Oakland mid century modern that houses my collection of major mid century modern furniture and accessories. I like my art bold so tend toward oriental/modern sculpture and large art works leaning toward mixed media. It has a very indoor/outdoor feel owing to a lot of floor to ceiling glass allowing the patios and gardens to shine. I love to entertain and it is an excellent space for festivities.

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Looking stunning in vintage HALSTON, Marisa Tomi arrives at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. You will never look dated when wearing vintage HALSTON. Start your collection today, and look modern forever.



Vintage fashion is always in style when worn in a modern way. Olivia Wilde in vintage Ralph Lauren at the 2010 Independent Spirit Awards, takes strapless and makes it look spot on with casual modern hair and make up. The secret to modern vintage style is to look as if you bought it yesterday and everyone wants to know where.


CALVIN KLEN - Vintage Sportswear

I want to start collecting vintage. What is the best to collect,designer or non designer?

First,collect only what you love. Second, decide if you are collecting for pleasure or investment. Third,if you are planning a collection for investment, study your designers and know which are the iconic pieces that make the individual designer valuable. Keep in mind that all designer garments are not created equal so it is important to know what will hold as well as increase in value. If you are collecting for pleasure choose only those things that when worn make you feel like a million.

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What was your favorite Oscar gown ever?

Hands down the most memorable for me was Elizabeth Taylor in the red strapless silk chiffon front tied HALSTON that she wore to presented the best picture award at the 1976 Oscars. A great modern look, that today would looks equally modern and that makes for great vintage.

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Who are you dressing for the Oscars?

Now you know a gentleman should never kiss and tell. Privacy is an expensive luxury that I offer freely. However in a good game of six degrees a great starting point would be Nashville.

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VINTAGE HOLYWOOD - Who Will Wear Vintage?

HOLLYWOOD is full of life this week with everyone headed everywhere. Fittings most of the day and several parties to hit each evening. Hollywood and Highland is the place to be, come Sunday Afternoon when all the madness comes together in one place to celebrate OSCAR.

What is your fave vintage look?

I prefer vintage that has a distinctly modern vibe. Truly great design will always transcend the period in which it was created.

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