ALEXIS KIRK - Vintage Jewelry

Bold jewelry is always a great choice for making a modern statement in accessories. Sure to catch the eye and elicit comments every time you adorn yourself. This great pewter necklace was designed by Alexis Kirk who comes from a long linage of working with metal. One ancestor made armor during the dark ages and started a tradition in metallurgy. Kirk always a master with jewelry that makes a statement is the best choice when you are ready to go bold.

Alexis Kirk
American - Circa. 1970s
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When wearing bold accessories always remember to keep it simple sweetie. Never wear several bold pieces at once as it creates too much competition amongst the players. It is the same principle as only having one great raconteur at a dinner party, more and no one has total enjoyment.


DONNA KARAN - Mixing Vintage & Modern Style

Comfortable and sensual is a combination that wears well in any season. Donna Karan always keeps this in mind when creating her elegant sportswear. Taking luxury fabrics and shaping them into body conscious designs has always been a hallmark of the Karan aesthetic. Here she takes silk in three textures and blends them into a bodysuit, draped harem trousers and wraps them in a loose smoking jacket shape , giving you a sensual excuse for comfort.

Donna Karan
American - Circa 1980s
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We all know wearing clothing that is bare and body conscious can be very sexy, but can slid into hoochy with the ease of a breeze. However, something clinging to the body but covering it at the same time leaves more to the imagination. Trust us men will always create more with their imagination then is actual. Now isn't that a blessing in disguise.

ALBERT NIPON - Vintage Couture

Why is it that polka dots always bring a smile to our face? Perhaps, it reminds us of the balloons of childhood or just those happiness filled lazy days of spring and summer. When Albert Nipon works with dots you can bet the creation will be charming and feminine. Here he takes an Irish linen and transforms it into a dress that is as much a delight from the rear as it is from the front, perfect for any occasion that has you standing in a crowd. It will capture attention from any angle and isn't that the best advantage to possess.

Albert Nipon
American - Circa. 1980s
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When dressing for an occasion in the round, like a cocktail party or a wedding reception you must always think in a 360 degree manner, always considering that you are being viewed from all angles. So never dress from just the front, because a lone zipper is the ultimate boring accessory.


BILL BLASS - Modern Vintage Couture

Spring is in the air and a girls thoughts naturally turn toward polka dots and moon beam. Bill Blass will be more than happy to supply the polka dots, offering you a soft as sportswear suit that is cut to be seriously playful. Take it from the boardroom to the saloon, never having to worry if you look like one of the fellas.

Bill Blass
American - c. 1990s
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A suit does not have to look plain or stodgy, the style is up to you. We love a good suit but require that it have a feminine vibe, so when deciding on a suit make sure when you put it on the first time, your thoughts aren't " Now I look like one of the boys".......if that is your game plan you have already lost the battle. Men like women and the smart girl will always use that in her favor. So, take a giant step away from the masculine suit shape.....you both will be glad you did.


FRANCO MOSCHINO - Modern vintage Sportswear

Franco Moschino always approached fashion with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. He was the first to make fun of fashion while at the same time creating fun fashion. Taking a seriously tailored look and giving it a punch of unexpected color that goes pop, then trimming it with mismatched buttons that appear to be from the toy box of a playful child, is a perfect example of the Franco Moschino muse in action.

Franco Moschino
Italian - c.1990s
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Bold colors will always brighten up your day, just remember to keep your accessories bold and colorful as well other wise they will get lost. Think big chunky color in jewelry and a bright colored purse and shoes.


ISAAC MIZRAHI - Vintage Sportswear

Sometimes you are feeling playful and yet your fashion closet seems to hold nothing but serious style. If this is true, don't you think it is time to seek out something that just makes you smile each time you reach for it. No one puts a smile on your face quite like Issac Mizrahi, always quick with his wit be it vocal or in his creative designs. Here he takes a colorful cartoon print linen and creates a great fanciful jacket sure to make anyone smile. An additional reason to smile is that this jacket can also be found in the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Isaac Mizrahi
American - C. Fall 1989
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When wearing a bold print let it take center stage and use your accessories to direct attention to the print. This is easily accomplished by contrasting the print with a solid color that compliments but does not match exactly. Use this shade to make all your other pieces harmonious but not an exact match.
Example: Beige,Khaki,Smoke,Brown
You get the idea, now give it a try. It is a great way to make a bold print pop.

ANNA SUI - Modern Vintage Sportswear

Spring is in the air and Anna Sui is always ready to catch it, and make it her own. Whimsical, playful and with a touch of femininity is always the muse that inspires Sui to design her rocking collections. What every girl wants when her thoughts turn to casual comfortable fun in the sun.

Anna Sui
American - c. 1990s
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Casual is never an excuse for sloppy. It is even more important to think through your look when you are going casual. When dressing casual think accessories, a bold graphic piece of jewelry, great shades or a big colorful straw bag. Think of things that go POP when dressing in a simple comfortable way and let your accessories do the talking. Count on this, if you whisper you will never be noticed. Spring is the time for great statements and not just burning rubber in a 68 mustang convertible.

BILL BLASS - Vintage Couture

When it comes time to wear the green under that old devil moon, reach for this perfect example of Irish luck. Bill Blass takes an Irish linen and trims it with pearl detailed pewter shamrocks. It is the only way to be chic while you wear the green for St. Patrick's Day.
Bill Blass
American- c.1960s
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When celebrating a holiday never dress for that holiday in an obvious manner. Always remember that if the comment is " I love that holiday whatever your wearing" that was not a compliment. Subtle will always be the way to go when dressing for a holiday occasion.


FASHION ICON - Farewell to the McQueen

"May flights of angels sing the to thy rest!"

The world says goodbye today to one of the fashion world's most innovative creators. A unique thinker who captured his muse and reflected her to the world in the most vivid examples of creative conceptualization made all the more powerful by his mercurial wit.

Alexander McQueen
1970 - 2010


HALSTON - Vintage Couture

HALSTON will always be the go to designer for elegant feminine clothing that appear simple in detail but are always geometric in cut and construction. His work was always a touch tongue in cheek in the sense that his shapes were almost always found in Americana of the past and then turned upside down and made completely his own. Collect his work always but also wear it as well, it will always deliver a sensual comfortable elegant feeling of modernity.

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Lets talk shirtwaist, I know you are thinking can it get more old and dated. the answer is nope, think outside the box and discover a great new dress shape. Take the matching sash and pull your hair back and then add a great modern shape belt and undo a button or two from the top and bottom and let the good times roll. It will make you feel like a woman but more importantly make you walk like one......trust us men love that idea.
Shirtwaist does not equal house dress.

CALVIN KLEIN - Vintage Sportswear

Calvin Klein is the American designer who took a minimal sensibility and used it to maximum advantage. His creations are always comfortable and easy to wear but also sensual and body conscious. Now aren't you glad he did more then just undies and jeans. Wear his early designs and discover why his fashion muse will always remain modern then, now and forever.

Calvin Klein
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Wear linen anytime for just about any ocassion. It isn't just for casual times it actually cleans up well, so try it with bold gold accessories and an evening box and see for yourself. Nights aren't just for sparkle and silk.

VINTAGE COUTURE - The Couture Process

The Couture Process from FIDM Museum on Vimeo.


COUTURE FALL OUT - What's Going on at Dior?

What is going on at Christian Dior? It is a bit sad to be viewing couture that prices in the stratosphere in a plain, brightly lit white box. The beauty as well as desirability leaves something missing, taking away the mysterious lure of couture and shines a light of desperation and asks the question...... is it really worth it?
Dior please won't you at least give us the excitement of past couture shows and while you are at it, you might get Galliano to design something someone actually might want to wear, in this day and age it can really be an expensive ego stroke to play dress up for for a bow without any($) WOW!


FASHION HYPE - Tavi Tells Us True

Tavi, the 13 year old editor of the blog STYLE ROOKIE, who hails from the burbs of Chicago manages to stir up a big controversy by just wearing a several seasons old Stephen Jones Bow on her head. We suspect the problem came more from placement then the cartoon like head gear. Sitting front row at the Christian Dior Couture show, at 13, a mere child with a blog of herself wearing quirky clothing and head wear, for most long term fashionfiles this was enough to raise blood pressure, add the over sized bow on the head causing sight line problem and you have a great receipt for what we like to call total FASHION HYPE!
The other fashion blogs (those who take photos of their own egos and publish) are up in arms due to a back lash they say is starting to happen against all fashion bloggers. This sounds like sour grapes more then an affront to fashion bloggers worldwide. You blog, they blog, I blog, does that makes anyone of us more or less of a fashion authority then the major names in fashion? NO, because what is fashion is a completely arbitrary opinion, and everyone is allowed one.
What strikes us as the most comical aspect of this is that Tavi is one quick study, she totally understands the HYPE of modern fashion. It does not matter the quality of what is being hyped only that the name is out there, and the way to do that is to stay in the press. Christian Dior wants as much press as possible because you know those clothes aren't selling and you can't live on handbag sales alone,so they invite a child blogger with a bit of quirk because that will get more press then the clothes. Tavi (or her handlers), no fool be they, has already discovered how the hype works and decides to put her (their) knowledge to work. Stick an over sized bow in her hair sit her front row of a major couture show and bang TOTAL HYPE.