MARISA TOMEI - Vintage Trips Over a Mash Up

Marisa Tomei wears vintage Charles James on the red carpet at the 2011 Oscar Awards. We love vintage and always will but we don't advocate wearing it just because it is vintage. Sometimes vintage clothing from a recognizable decade will only look dated and museum worthy.....we want our vintage to make fresh modern unique statements of style. Black is a hard sell on the runway at the best of times as it will always photograph flat. So if you must wear it make sure there aren't different fabrications involved or you will get the above result, a two toned colors mash up that just doesn't work together. Now I know you say it's just the effect of the flash bulbs, that the colors actually match. We say the runway rush is all about the photos that generate the press, that sells the mags, and feeds the blogs so if you are going to borrow or (gasp!!) purchase a dress for the red carpet have sense enough to give it a flash test because if you don't, you are headed to the worst dressed list. Important piece of fashion history, most definitely, great choice for the red carpet, most definitely not.


ADOLFO - Patchwork Knit Vest & Hot Pants

You know that you have always wanted a little knitted patchwork vest and hot pants, it's alright to admit it. Sometimes you just want to be playful and irreverent, often even cheeky. Well this ADOLFO from the late 1960s is the perfect solution. It makes you smile just looking, so think how it would feel wearing it, not to mention the attention it will attract. You thought knitted patchwork was only for throws.....Silly Girl!
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When wearing loosely knitted garments always check yourself from all angles before leaving the house because even the smallest bulge will look like a mountain. By all means wear knits for their comfort as well as their beauty, but always with the sleekest of undergarments. Then you will have no need to let worry interferer with a girl just wanting to have fun.