KRIZIA - Hot Winter Nights

We know that this time of year can get hectic with an overload of holiday gaiety. So much festive dressing can make you wish you were at home in your most comfortable of plush lounge wear. Welcome Mariuccia Mandelli of Krizia to the rescue, bearing perhaps the only answer to a maidens prayer for warm and comfortable yet sensational and elegant evening wear. This vintage black angora and silver lurex knit bohemian long gown created in the 1970s is not only iconic but also the perfect answer to casual elegance in the evening.

Sometimes comfortable clothing is the only thing that will get you out of the house. However, that is no excuse to look like you just rolled out of bed, that isn't comfort dressing but just sloppy and lazy. When dressing for comfort think in terms of knitwear, the give will move with you yet retain its shape when in repose. Now befor you shout out hooray! this does not mean sweat pants and a sweatshirt...you know who you are!.....so just stop it now. The world will be a more beautiful place.


OSCAR DE LA RENTA - Latin in Manhattan

Luxurious velvet and silk when accented with jet beading always conjures the spirits of a mysterious woman. In the creative hands of Oscar de la Renta it will almost always have a whisper of his Latin heritage as well as the grandeur of the past. This vintage 1980s cocktail dress is a perfect example of his creative genesis,one of creating beautiful clothing that is always eternal, knowing no time or place except the present. Taking the majesty of the Matador and pairing it with colors taken from the paintings of Diego Velasquez, he sculpts a cocktail dress fit for an Infanta.
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When wanting to create a bit of mystery with your style take a cue from the minimalist mantra "Less is More". By less we aren't talking decorative elements we mean less bare flesh. Remember that a hint of possibilities is worth a pound of bare flesh. So add a small amount of your favorite scent to the base of your throat and let it hint at the marvelous contents of a beautifully wrapped present. You know who has control but its best to let them think they do.


HALSTON - Just Say No To Camel

When the world of fashion says that camel is the answer, we say reach for color. Don't get us wrong we love camel and next year when the fashion heard is saying color rules we will proudly be wearing our camel. We aren't trying to be obstinate just picture this, you are cued with your fellow fashionistas at your local coffee bar all wearing your new camel coats and in walks ice blue Ultrasuede, now we don't know about you but this would catch our attention. Enough Said! No one does Ultrasuede as well as HALSTON and this belted trench coat from the early 1970s is no exception. We love it for day or night over casual or elegant, just remember keep it modern by adding feminine, eye catching accessories with soft and natural make up. Let your nails announce that you are still a bit of a rocker chick and it will make them wonder what is belted underneath. A bit naughty is always nice.
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If everyone is following the dictates of fashion, go in the complete opposite direction and you will always earn style creed. The best point to remember is that all fashion is inspired by the different never the current. Our dictate has always been never follow fashion always lead.

ANNE FOGARTY - Silver Streak

Sometimes nothing says celebration like a vintage metallic wiggle dress from the 1960s. Choose this Anne Fogarty sheath in a silver blue to capture the light and reflect it back with your every move. Make it totally modern by adding gray wool slingbacks with a hint of sparkle on the bow, keeping the jewelry matte with little to no reflection and the make up a sheer smokey mauve with a nude lip. Then add a hint of the mysterious east with a whisper of "Japon Noir" to make your evening a shimmering success.
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When wearing vintage shimmer in the evening, a good way to make it pop with modernity is to uses accessories that make you go HUMMMM! Keep then matte with texture and little shine but most of all make sure that they work just as well during the day as they do in the evening. Modern is in the mix and giving the eye a bit of an unexpected shock will always make your look fresh as well as memorable.


BILL BLASS - Dark Lady

The holiday season is fast approaching and choosing a new frock for all the festivities is of paramount importance. Like Goldilocks you want it to be just right. They say a little black dress will fit in anywhere, but is that really the best choice when you are in the mood to shine. It is if you like to be subtle but also want to pack a punch of style with this modern vintage black silk Bill Blass from the 1990s. It is all lady like reserve from the front but totally drop dead vamp from the rear using a bare back encased in ropes of pearls and closed with a satin bow to weave a web of allure. Keep the face pale and the accessories matte to give this vintage cocktail dress a modern vibe. The best dress possible for making a grand exit especially when the men will probably be following and you all know how myopic they can be.
When wearing an evening ensemble that is highly decorative it is best to keep your accessories dark and in a matte finish with as little sparkle as possible. It is always a fashion faux pas when you sparkle more then the decorations.

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GIORGIO ARMANI - Blush Is The New Bashful

It has been said that we work our life away, now if this is true shouldn't we want to look elegantly fashionable while on the move. To make it more interesting change you look to reflect your mood.....like today ,if you woke up in a playful mood but yet were feeling shy then why not reflect this and keep your accessories pink and pale. Just for fun give them a 1920s vibe by adding T-strap pumps, a cashmere shawl and cloche to give your modern Giorgio Armani wool crepe jacket and trousers a feeling of vintage excitement. If fashion says make your vintage look modern, why not turn it around and make your modern look have a whisper of vintage. It is sure to make a great statement and give the day much more interest.
Could blush be the new bashful?

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REBECCA MINKOFF - Share a STUD with Lauren,Whitney and Molly!

Sometimes it is proper to share a stud with others, especially one that is as supple and well built as this one. Now, before your wanton little minds stray to far to the dark side let us share our little secret. We were referring to the bag that captured the hearts and arms of young Hollywood, it goes by the name of "Stud Devote" and we can't think of a better one. Created by Rebecca Minkoff, it is made of supple Italian leather and decorated with buckle straps and rows of brass studs giving you a beautiful tote that carries all the necessities of life. We leave it up to you to supply the other studs after all we really don't know your type except in great handbags.
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EMANUEL UNGARO - Oriental Floral Silk & Velvet Shawl Collar Jacket

As the season turns toward fall, aren't you thinking about just the right topper that says fashionable and yet also totally unique. If this describes you then look no further then this vintage 1980s oriental inspired floral silk & velvet jacket created by Emanuel Ungaro. We love it over sumptuous evening wear but also enjoy seeing it used in a totally unexpected context. So don't be afraid to toss it on and belt it over a T and jeans with your hair pulled up in a messy loose french twist and a pair of black leather studded Balenciaga stiletto sandals. However you choose to wear it be prepared for your inner coquette to come out and prowl.
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Frockology Style Tip:

Never be afraid to introduce a bit of after five lux before the sun sets. Just remember to keep it simple and bold, and allow it to be a focal point, because it will attract all the attention just because of the juxtaposition of the surprise of the unexpected. Now wasn't that the plan all along, we thought so!


GIANFRANCO FERRE - Black Silk Lace Wiggle Cocktail

Looking forward to a wonder holiday season fashion has discovered lace for fall in a big way. Nothing is more feminine and alluring for the evening then a form fitting lace cocktail dress that always reveals just the right amount of perfumed skin. When you embrace the look by wearing a vintage black silk lace Gianfranco Ferre dress created in the late 1980s, you will be taking a trend and making it timeless. Catching the light, jet encrusted lace gives a shimmer of sensuality to different areas of your body with each movement. To complete the look add a dramatic red lip and Victorian jet chandelier earrings paired with a black satin stiletto pump and small evening clutch of ruby velvet, holding a hankie scented with Chanel No.5 and your cell so you can text the gossip.....xoxo!

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Frockology Style Tip:

When wearing lace always remember that the more structure it has the better it will look on your body. The structure can come from the fabrication itself, the way the garment is constructed or something as simple as the way it shapes your body. Always keep in mind that it is better to be asked to dine at the table then be mistaken for it.


TODD OLDHAM - Cotton Velvet Leopard Print Mini

Take a walk on the wild side with animal print this season. Leopard print is all the rage for Fall and taking it one step farther by adding modern vintage to the mix only makes it a more personal statement. Take this Todd Oldham cotton velvet mini sheath from the 1990s and mix it with bold modern accessories and instantly you have created the perfect look for the changing season.

When wearing a bold print always make sure your accessories are up to the challenge of competition. Never think that bold print should be paired with small diminutive accessories, as they will only fade into the background never to be seen. Instead mix bold shape, texture and color to create the perfect frame of reference for your own personal style.

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EVA AMURRI - Emmy Awards 2010

Walking the red carpet at the 2010 Emmy Awards, Eva Amurri wore vintage Thierry Mugler. This silvery pink silk satin bombshell gown was designed in the late 1980s but looks more cutting edge modern then any of the overly detailed less then stand out looks that were created in 2010.
To make a statement with your clothing make sure that it fits your personal style aesthetic and is not something you are wearing simply because it is new and different. Beware looking like a billboard for some designers ego, that will only make you loose all fashion creed and trust us, it is only you that will suffer through the walk of shame.


KERI RUSSELL - Emmy Awards 2010

Walking the red carpet in vintage, is to be sure of looking unique and totally above the Flock of the NEW. Keri Russell was completely sublime and carefree on the carpet at the 2010 Emmy Awards, wearing a vintage pink silk tissue crepe Jean Louis Scherrer Haute Couture gown from the 1970s, paired with simple jewelry and accessories. She looked like a beautiful young girl having a wonderful time and less like a cookie cutter packaged screen star who has a stylist on speed dial. A fashion note to remember, if you are current today you are by definition demode tomorrow, but if you are always true to your own unique style current is something you will never need concern yourself. Now, we call that perfection.


POP UP SALE - Now in Progress

FALL is in the Air and what better way to embrace it then by turning your thoughts to all things fashion. We here at FROCKOLOGY put our heads together and decided that we would celebrate the changing of the seasons by hosting a POP UP SALE featuring all things FALL. It is a great opportunity to find that just right modern vintage look that will make the season fresh and exciting for you. Don't forget to check back often as new thing will be added and prices will lower. Now....who doesn't like a game of chance. So, place your fashion bets with us....we want your fall to be a winner.
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CARLOS FALCHI - Red Snake Skin Duffel Bag

Take a moment and ask yourself, why do I want to carry a bag that identifies me with a certain tribe? Wouldn't I actually prefer to be an individual and not just another drone that follows the leader. If so, put down the bag and step away, you will never be sorry that you have made this decision. Now what you ask? Choose a bag that reflects your personality, but also makes everyone have to ask " Who made that great bag you have?" For quality and hand made craftsmanship it is hard to beat a bag made by Carlos Falchi, especially one made early in his career. Here we offer a beautiful red snake skin duffel shape bag made in the late 1970s. It is great for keeping up with all your needs and travels like a globetrotter. So you need just say it's a Falchi and that will be enough.

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CLAUDE MONTANA - Military Motorcycle Jacket with Silver Buckle

Sometimes don't you just lust for an opportunity to mix the bold print of Pucci with the hard edge of the 1980s. Pushing boundaries is the ultimate test for the fashion forward, if it works you have just successfully created a new look, if not you had fun trying so its all good...right! We love this vintage hybrid of a military motorcycle inspired jacket from Claude Montana designed in the 1980s, but pairing it with a pencil skirt or tight legged trousers is so been there done that. So,we couldn't resist putting it with some new Pucci silk knit pants in muted tones of gray, beige and gold and instantly discovered a hot transitional modern vintage look for early fall. Grab a gold ostrich berkin and a pair of great aviators, then slid into a pale gray suede wedge and you are on your way to a great new fashionable Fall. Don't forget to add sparkly bling to any military inspired look, we love the mix. It is just wrong enough to be oh so right. Marching for jewelry really should be a mantra!
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ITALIAN VOGUE - Oil Spill Style - Fab or Fug

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, an old adage we have all heard numerous times before. Like most sayings there are truths to be found and knowledge to be experienced. Anytime an artist steps away from the accepted, they open themselves to controversy, yet without departure from the expected they never experience growth. In the August issue, Franca Sozzani the editor of Italian Vogue, gives us her feeling about the tragedy of the gulf oil spill, choosing fashion as her medium of expression. Working with the photographer Stephen Meisel and model Kristin McMenamy, together they give us a beautifully disturbing set of images that remind us of the delicate balance of nature. One of the main goals of an artist is to elicit reaction through their work, that reaction either positive or negative is not the most important point, the most important being the viewer walks away having had a visceral reaction that will have forever changed their perceptions. Like them or not once you have experienced the images, you will remember them and when was the last time American Vogue could make that claim of accomplishment. Certainly not by repeating the same type of fashion spreads twelve times a year. Hope your paying attention Anna! Well done Italian Vogue, for making us think in a more aware manner about fashion.

What are your thoughts?


ANNE KLEIN - American Southwest Inspired Belt

Don't you just sometimes want to channel your inner cowgirl. Grab some distressed boyfriend denim and a crisp starched over sized chambray shirt belted with an interesting leather statement belt. Then topped off with some modern geometric turquoise jewelry with only a hint of the southwest and a vintage pair of colorful worn in python boots. What's a girl to do? We love this vintage Anne Klein belt from the 1970s for its distressed southwestern look and feel. So belt it over your western interpretations of style and lasso the bull of your choice.
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TODD OLDHAM - Leopard Print Velvet Boots

We all know that boots are made for walking, but they can also be great at communication as well. These say, let's be playful and have some fun. That isn't surprising when you know they were designed in the 1990s by Todd Oldham, a master at creating whimsically colorful designs that shout with joy. Wear them with jeans and a classic boucle jacket or a supple lace top over satin shorts, these boots are made for any fashion situation. Walk softly and remember to carry a big bag.
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BYBLOS - Apple Green Crop Top & Pants

Mixing Vintage & Modern Style

You have enough time for one more get away before the official change of season. Come on, admit it you know you want to go. We offer the perfect vintage look for strolling along the waterfront on any wonderful island. Nothing like apple green linen for showing off that late summer tan. This Byblos crop tied top and matching pants from the 1970s will show off those great abs and narrow waist, due to the dip in the low rise of the waist band and the high tie of the crop top. We like a duo that performs in perfect harmony, don't you? Keep the make up a sheer skin tone and the lips matte. Accessories should have a hand crafted look and feel and sandals with just a hint of animal print to bring out the huntress in you. Have a great time, but toy gently with your prey, no reason to leave marks.

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GUY LAROCHE - Large Bold Batik Print Wool Challis Shawl

Don't you just love a large soft and supple bold printed shawl. They will always give any look a major punch of color and interest. Here we have a bold batik printed wool challis shawl by Guy Laroche woven in the 1980s but equally as fresh and modern today. We like it worn in all the traditional ways but also like it tied pareo style over satin trousers for a very sensual evening look that isn't expected. Capturing flair and making it your own, one look at a time.

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BILL BLASS - Red & White Pin Dot Halter & Palazzo Pants

Mixing Vintage & Modern Style

Why is it that we are drawn to a great halter top. Perhaps because it makes us think of great times during the summer when the living is easy. Nothing beats a wonderful vintage halter top paired with a structured palazzo pant. This Bill Blass look from the early 1970s is a great choice for a late summer party, it is casual but with a hint of sexy dressy which is a great, yet hard to find combination. We like it mixed with graphic modern accessories that pop and very pale lips and makeup. Taking vintage and making it modern has always been our goal.

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ROMEO GIGLI - Bohemian Lether Wrap Belt

We know you love accessories, especially those that capture the attention at first sight because of their unique qualities. Take this vintage Romeo Gilgi belt from the 1980s. It consist of lengths of raw leather knotted and wrapped with darker waxed leather and embellished with hand carved bone talismans. In other past cultures charms and amulets were worn on belts to bring luck and good fortune ans well as to ward off evil spirits. When you think about it, today isn't much different with the crystals and charms with in which we adorn ourselves. We love this as a belt but to make it iconic and modern coil it around the neck for a distinctly different style. It is sure to bring you good fortune.

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RIFAT OZBEK - Gold Lame Tube Dress or Skirt

If you have it, you should at least some of the time flaunt it. What better way to flaunt then with a sensual vintage gold lame tube dress from Rifat Ozbek. You will say the British have arrived and conquered, when wearing Ozbek, it's just that powerful. It can be a dress or a skirt depending on your mood, so pair it with a crisp white shirt and bold geometric jewelry when a skirt or a sheer bronze organza coat and spike heels when wearing it as a dress. The best accessory would be a fragrance with just a note of mystery because it pays to keep them guessing.

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HELMUT NEWTON - Vintage Fashion Photo

Once upon a time man was the dominate force in choosing a mate. As most women know that was a long while back. Today it's not unusual for a woman to call the shots, but in the middle of the 1970s as shown by this Helmut Newton photograph, women were just coming into their own. In all aspects of her life she was becoming the emancipated woman and making her own decisions. Common today but radical for its time, and nothing better exemplifies all that entails better then this photo. She is woman hear her roar, will she choose him? Perhaps not, but either way she is comfortable in her skin and it shows. It will be her choice and we call that being a modern woman.

Helmut Newton - Photographer
Lisa Taylor - Model
Vogue Magazine - Spring 1975


GUY LAROCHE - Golden Metallic Brocade Skirt

Men love legs and nothing showcases them as well as a beautiful supple skirt. This vintage Guy Laroche golden brocade invert pleat skirt created in the 1970s, is just perfect for capturing their attention. Pair it with a body conscious, black jeweled cashmere twin set and matte bronze leather & woven black satin pumps. Keep the make up smokey and simple with a nude shade on the lips. Another time pair it with a sensual gold metal camisole, a shawl collar Krizia wasp waist leather motorcycle jacket with gold metallic top stitching and bronze leather ankle boots. Vintage worn modern is the only way to be fashion forward and no one wants to look backward.

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MARY McFADDEN - Marii Pleated Cocktail Dress

A perfect dress for those evenings when you need to be elegant but just want to be comfortable. This sensually vintage Mary McFadden pleated cocktail dress from the early 1970s is the best choice when you need both on the same evening. It is like wearing an old favorite and at the same time retains its shape regardless of what you put it through. It is also a great go to dress for traveling as it can be rolled up and stashed in a duffel for a week and yet be taken out and be as fresh as it was when you first packed it. Who isn't looking for such a perfect traveling companion?

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BILL BLASS - Portrait Collar Little Black Dress

Does anyone really need another little black dress. If it makes you feel as elegant as this Bill Blass portrait collar silk sheath does, then the answer is a definite YES! You can never go wrong with the perfect black dress, it gives you security as well as a look of sensual mystery. Now isn't that a perfect reason to yes to the dress!

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EMANUEL UNGARO - Hand Painted Smoking Jacket

If it is time to start thinking about Fall style, with the heat almost 100 degrees, it will take something very special to capture the attention. So, we offer this sumptuous vintage, hand painted, silk velvet shawl, collar jacket from Emanuel Ungaro. Taking inspiration from the Victorian smoking jacket and hand painting it with an Oriental floral motife, he creates the most elegant jacket. We like it dressed up as well as down, from silk satin to denim it is very versatile addition to your Fall style.

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ANNE FOGARTY - Mad Men Return Rocking 1960s Fashion

Tonight marks the return of "Mad Men" Season 4 and all thoughts of fashion will turn to the 1960s. What better way to celebrate their return then with this Anne Fogarty ice blue silk chiffon and silver metallic sheath dress from the early 1960s. It will put a wiggle in your walk and capture the attention of all. To make it modern pair with geometric sculptural silver jewelry and some sky high platform silver satin ankle wrapped sandals. Add a light silvery pink lip and smoky eye for a contrasting effect. Now we call that the best way to advertise. So sit back and enjoy the show.

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What is the one fashion "must have" you would never have?

The one fashion must have that I have no interest in owning would have to be an Hermes Birkin bag. Hermes makes beautiful leather products and anything other then a Birkin or Kelly would be a pleasure to own. I have never been one to use recognizable fashion must haves,such as obvious handbags, double C jewelry or distinctive pop pastel prints, preferring rather to reflect my sense of style through individual expressions that are uniquely my own. Always keep in mind if you are following fashion you will never be in the lead.

Ask me anything?

CALVIN KLEIN - Mixing Vintage & Modern Style

Have you noticed that romper looks have popped up like mushrooms after a summer rain. So easy and comfortable to wear they just make you a girl who wants to have fun. Take your love of vintage and make it modern with a romper set from Calvin Klein created in the mid 1970s. We like them accessorized with bright colors mixed with simple easy wear silver jewelry and just a hint of pink for sheer color on the face. Late Summer is a time for simple casual fun in the sun and this calls out for picnics by the water and long late afternoon rides in a rag top. So just twist up your hair in a messy twist a la Bardot and give it all you have. Men love casual and you love men so we see that as a perfect match.

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Kerry Taylor Interview - Vintage Couture is here to Stay

Check out this very interesting interview with Kerry Taylor of Kerry Taylor Auctions, concerning the world of vintage couture. It will inspire you to add to or start your collection as soon as possible. No time like the present to start. Go For It!


HALSTON - Mixing Vintage & Modern Style

Sometimes in the hottest part of the summer a young woman's thoughts turn to the Fall season. What better way to transition your look from late summer into Fall then with a mocha colored vintage HALSTON from the early 1970s. It will not only shows off your tan to perfection but mix it with turquoise as a main accent color and it will make both colors feel fresh and exciting. Later toss it on over great stack boots with a bucket bag, or slim trousers and a cashmere turtleneck sweater for different yet exciting looks to take you through to next Spring. We call that the versatility of fashion. So, always think of ways to mix it up in your style closet for new and unique ways to be original.

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THE LOOK OF VOGUE - Return To the Past

What a wonderful VOGUE cover, it looks the way a great fashion magazine should look, giving us a great photo of a perfect model with a feeling of attainable glamour. Not, the usual continuation of which pop starlet is going to be promoting what mediocre medium of choice. It is no wonder that magazine sales are off in the US. They don't incite us to dream, just wonder if we haven't already seen this issue, and certainly give us no reason to look forward to what might be in the next issue. It is usually a continuation of the "SOS" from on issue to the next. Same layout, photographers, and stylistic look book. In the immortal words of Maggie Prescott, Dreary, Dull and Depressing.........Anna are you listening........We hope so!



If you like your fashion inspired films light and sparkling like a great champagne then here is a perfect example. The costumes were designed by Edith Head and showcase Natalie Wood to perfection. Looking fresh and modern without being trendy, they perfectly capture the quality that makes clothing from the mid sixties memorable as well as desirable. A perfect slice of life fashion show capturing style in the city circa 1966 without any need for sex.


Director: Aurthur Hiller


FRANCO MOSCHINO - Mixing Vintage & Modern Style

This is a great look when you want to feel empowered as well as hyper feminine. We love the buttoned up yet sensual quality found in the mix of textures. That contrast of soft supple silk against the structure of a fitted shape revealing skirt will always get your attention. For the best in leg revealing skirts you can never go wrong with a Franco Moschino skirt c. 1980s. Buttoned down or open for more pizazz you will always have a great shape, sure to be the best in show. Mix some feminine accessories with a reptile clutch, a touch of matte on your lips and an architectural shoe and you will look in control. Just remember to use your ruler sparingly, some times a bad boy is a good subject for education.

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This is a great film for a glimpse of the contrast of New York style vs. Midwestern Style during the middle seventies. The Turning Point released in 1977 also captures great examples of classic as well as modern styles in ballet. Plus it has a great cat fight and who doesn't enjoy those in a film. Check it out soon.

The Turning Point

Director: Herbert Ross


DONNA KARAN - Mixing Vintage & Modern Style

Vogue says that scuba and surf influences are riding the style curl this season. So grab this vintage Donna Karan scuba inspired zip front dress from the late 1980s and show you have command of the beach. Pair it with simple gold accessories and nude make up to play up the Robert Lee Morris sculpted gold zipper pulls that give the dress interesting detail. Grab a colorful straw beach bag and stake out your spot in the sun.


GIORGIO ARMANI - Mixing Vintage & Modern Style

How to be comfortable and look elegantly casual for the evening is easier then you think. Just take this vintage Giorgio Armani knit halter vest and mix it with silk satin crop harem trousers and you are instantly modern. Accessorize with gold,crystal and jet to reflect just a flash of sparkle, add a dark smoky eye and a nude lip to channel your inner screen siren. Never let it be said that vintage can't also be modern.


LULU GUINNESS - Mixing Modern Vintage Style

Taking a beach break requires major planing to look effortless. Taking a large black straw tote trimmed in blue grosgrain ribbon and colorful raffia tulips by Lulu Guinness, that quirky British designer, is a great place to start. Add a soft silk zigzag weave knit cover up, a great pair of drop turquoise and stone earrings and a sexy anklet paired with exotic sandals and you are ready to take the beach.


BESAME COSMETICS - Modern Make Up with a Vintage Feel

If you have always dreamed of being a siren from the past, that dream can now be a reality. Let me introduce you to Besame Cosmetics, but be warned it packs a powerful punch in a beautifully small package. Long lasting, beautiful, with a full range of great product, and you thought you were only dreaming. You won't be happy until you have collected them all, but as addictions go this one is worth it.


I am really into polka dots and would like to keep it modern. any thoughts?

Polka dots always a favorite design motif just make people happy. I think the modernity is in the mix, wear them where they are least expected, on lingerie peeking out of a crisp starched white blouse or as accessories with bold print polka dot jewelry or a large print on the outside small contrast dot print on the lining of a cute fabric handbag. Another choice is to go bold and mix different size polka prints together from large to tiny. Make yourself happy and wearing polka dots you will always receive smiles and who doesn't love a great smile.


Ask me anything?