KRIZIA - Hot Winter Nights

We know that this time of year can get hectic with an overload of holiday gaiety. So much festive dressing can make you wish you were at home in your most comfortable of plush lounge wear. Welcome Mariuccia Mandelli of Krizia to the rescue, bearing perhaps the only answer to a maidens prayer for warm and comfortable yet sensational and elegant evening wear. This vintage black angora and silver lurex knit bohemian long gown created in the 1970s is not only iconic but also the perfect answer to casual elegance in the evening.

Sometimes comfortable clothing is the only thing that will get you out of the house. However, that is no excuse to look like you just rolled out of bed, that isn't comfort dressing but just sloppy and lazy. When dressing for comfort think in terms of knitwear, the give will move with you yet retain its shape when in repose. Now befor you shout out hooray! this does not mean sweat pants and a sweatshirt...you know who you are!.....so just stop it now. The world will be a more beautiful place.


OSCAR DE LA RENTA - Latin in Manhattan

Luxurious velvet and silk when accented with jet beading always conjures the spirits of a mysterious woman. In the creative hands of Oscar de la Renta it will almost always have a whisper of his Latin heritage as well as the grandeur of the past. This vintage 1980s cocktail dress is a perfect example of his creative genesis,one of creating beautiful clothing that is always eternal, knowing no time or place except the present. Taking the majesty of the Matador and pairing it with colors taken from the paintings of Diego Velasquez, he sculpts a cocktail dress fit for an Infanta.
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When wanting to create a bit of mystery with your style take a cue from the minimalist mantra "Less is More". By less we aren't talking decorative elements we mean less bare flesh. Remember that a hint of possibilities is worth a pound of bare flesh. So add a small amount of your favorite scent to the base of your throat and let it hint at the marvelous contents of a beautifully wrapped present. You know who has control but its best to let them think they do.


HALSTON - Just Say No To Camel

When the world of fashion says that camel is the answer, we say reach for color. Don't get us wrong we love camel and next year when the fashion heard is saying color rules we will proudly be wearing our camel. We aren't trying to be obstinate just picture this, you are cued with your fellow fashionistas at your local coffee bar all wearing your new camel coats and in walks ice blue Ultrasuede, now we don't know about you but this would catch our attention. Enough Said! No one does Ultrasuede as well as HALSTON and this belted trench coat from the early 1970s is no exception. We love it for day or night over casual or elegant, just remember keep it modern by adding feminine, eye catching accessories with soft and natural make up. Let your nails announce that you are still a bit of a rocker chick and it will make them wonder what is belted underneath. A bit naughty is always nice.
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If everyone is following the dictates of fashion, go in the complete opposite direction and you will always earn style creed. The best point to remember is that all fashion is inspired by the different never the current. Our dictate has always been never follow fashion always lead.

ANNE FOGARTY - Silver Streak

Sometimes nothing says celebration like a vintage metallic wiggle dress from the 1960s. Choose this Anne Fogarty sheath in a silver blue to capture the light and reflect it back with your every move. Make it totally modern by adding gray wool slingbacks with a hint of sparkle on the bow, keeping the jewelry matte with little to no reflection and the make up a sheer smokey mauve with a nude lip. Then add a hint of the mysterious east with a whisper of "Japon Noir" to make your evening a shimmering success.
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When wearing vintage shimmer in the evening, a good way to make it pop with modernity is to uses accessories that make you go HUMMMM! Keep then matte with texture and little shine but most of all make sure that they work just as well during the day as they do in the evening. Modern is in the mix and giving the eye a bit of an unexpected shock will always make your look fresh as well as memorable.


BILL BLASS - Dark Lady

The holiday season is fast approaching and choosing a new frock for all the festivities is of paramount importance. Like Goldilocks you want it to be just right. They say a little black dress will fit in anywhere, but is that really the best choice when you are in the mood to shine. It is if you like to be subtle but also want to pack a punch of style with this modern vintage black silk Bill Blass from the 1990s. It is all lady like reserve from the front but totally drop dead vamp from the rear using a bare back encased in ropes of pearls and closed with a satin bow to weave a web of allure. Keep the face pale and the accessories matte to give this vintage cocktail dress a modern vibe. The best dress possible for making a grand exit especially when the men will probably be following and you all know how myopic they can be.
When wearing an evening ensemble that is highly decorative it is best to keep your accessories dark and in a matte finish with as little sparkle as possible. It is always a fashion faux pas when you sparkle more then the decorations.

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