HALSTON - Just Say No To Camel

When the world of fashion says that camel is the answer, we say reach for color. Don't get us wrong we love camel and next year when the fashion heard is saying color rules we will proudly be wearing our camel. We aren't trying to be obstinate just picture this, you are cued with your fellow fashionistas at your local coffee bar all wearing your new camel coats and in walks ice blue Ultrasuede, now we don't know about you but this would catch our attention. Enough Said! No one does Ultrasuede as well as HALSTON and this belted trench coat from the early 1970s is no exception. We love it for day or night over casual or elegant, just remember keep it modern by adding feminine, eye catching accessories with soft and natural make up. Let your nails announce that you are still a bit of a rocker chick and it will make them wonder what is belted underneath. A bit naughty is always nice.
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If everyone is following the dictates of fashion, go in the complete opposite direction and you will always earn style creed. The best point to remember is that all fashion is inspired by the different never the current. Our dictate has always been never follow fashion always lead.

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