ANNE FOGARTY - Silver Streak

Sometimes nothing says celebration like a vintage metallic wiggle dress from the 1960s. Choose this Anne Fogarty sheath in a silver blue to capture the light and reflect it back with your every move. Make it totally modern by adding gray wool slingbacks with a hint of sparkle on the bow, keeping the jewelry matte with little to no reflection and the make up a sheer smokey mauve with a nude lip. Then add a hint of the mysterious east with a whisper of "Japon Noir" to make your evening a shimmering success.
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When wearing vintage shimmer in the evening, a good way to make it pop with modernity is to uses accessories that make you go HUMMMM! Keep then matte with texture and little shine but most of all make sure that they work just as well during the day as they do in the evening. Modern is in the mix and giving the eye a bit of an unexpected shock will always make your look fresh as well as memorable.

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