ANNE FOGARTY - Mad Men Return Rocking 1960s Fashion

Tonight marks the return of "Mad Men" Season 4 and all thoughts of fashion will turn to the 1960s. What better way to celebrate their return then with this Anne Fogarty ice blue silk chiffon and silver metallic sheath dress from the early 1960s. It will put a wiggle in your walk and capture the attention of all. To make it modern pair with geometric sculptural silver jewelry and some sky high platform silver satin ankle wrapped sandals. Add a light silvery pink lip and smoky eye for a contrasting effect. Now we call that the best way to advertise. So sit back and enjoy the show.

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What is the one fashion "must have" you would never have?

The one fashion must have that I have no interest in owning would have to be an Hermes Birkin bag. Hermes makes beautiful leather products and anything other then a Birkin or Kelly would be a pleasure to own. I have never been one to use recognizable fashion must haves,such as obvious handbags, double C jewelry or distinctive pop pastel prints, preferring rather to reflect my sense of style through individual expressions that are uniquely my own. Always keep in mind if you are following fashion you will never be in the lead.

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CALVIN KLEIN - Mixing Vintage & Modern Style

Have you noticed that romper looks have popped up like mushrooms after a summer rain. So easy and comfortable to wear they just make you a girl who wants to have fun. Take your love of vintage and make it modern with a romper set from Calvin Klein created in the mid 1970s. We like them accessorized with bright colors mixed with simple easy wear silver jewelry and just a hint of pink for sheer color on the face. Late Summer is a time for simple casual fun in the sun and this calls out for picnics by the water and long late afternoon rides in a rag top. So just twist up your hair in a messy twist a la Bardot and give it all you have. Men love casual and you love men so we see that as a perfect match.

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Kerry Taylor Interview - Vintage Couture is here to Stay

Check out this very interesting interview with Kerry Taylor of Kerry Taylor Auctions, concerning the world of vintage couture. It will inspire you to add to or start your collection as soon as possible. No time like the present to start. Go For It!


HALSTON - Mixing Vintage & Modern Style

Sometimes in the hottest part of the summer a young woman's thoughts turn to the Fall season. What better way to transition your look from late summer into Fall then with a mocha colored vintage HALSTON from the early 1970s. It will not only shows off your tan to perfection but mix it with turquoise as a main accent color and it will make both colors feel fresh and exciting. Later toss it on over great stack boots with a bucket bag, or slim trousers and a cashmere turtleneck sweater for different yet exciting looks to take you through to next Spring. We call that the versatility of fashion. So, always think of ways to mix it up in your style closet for new and unique ways to be original.

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THE LOOK OF VOGUE - Return To the Past

What a wonderful VOGUE cover, it looks the way a great fashion magazine should look, giving us a great photo of a perfect model with a feeling of attainable glamour. Not, the usual continuation of which pop starlet is going to be promoting what mediocre medium of choice. It is no wonder that magazine sales are off in the US. They don't incite us to dream, just wonder if we haven't already seen this issue, and certainly give us no reason to look forward to what might be in the next issue. It is usually a continuation of the "SOS" from on issue to the next. Same layout, photographers, and stylistic look book. In the immortal words of Maggie Prescott, Dreary, Dull and Depressing.........Anna are you listening........We hope so!