GIORGIO ARMANI - 1990's Herringbone Coat & Trousers

What to wear to work when you have plans afterwards and no time for a quick change. It's best to reach for something that has softness and drape, offering comfort but also having the vibe of luxury which is perfect for dinner after a long day. Who better for soft luxury then Giorgio Armani. This tunic coat and trouser from the 1990's possesses both soft comfort and sensual luxury, not to mention Italian elan. Mix in a sheer and satin banded top to give that pitch perfect balance, contrasting well with a pair of spectator flats, and for that juxtaposition of modern elegance just add a large string of perfectly matched pearls.

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OSCAR DE LA RENTA - 1970's Kaftan Over Harem Pants

Just what to wear on a tropical island New Years Eve? You want it to be comfortable but also sexy in that thrown together style that says Easy Breezy. Something that shows off that new tan to perfection, and we all know nothing does that like intense color. So reach for this silk crepe fuchsia side slit kaftan over purple charmeuse harem pants. Oscar de la Renta designed this in the mid 1970's for resort wear but we won't tell if you don't. That is the beauty of choosing the right vintage pieces, they never look dated just always fashion forward. Mix in bold and colorful stone jewelry and a lacquered straw bag to keep the vibe sexy casual.


ISAAC MIZRAHI - 1990's Black Wool Jumpsuit

Tell the truth now! Sometimes don't you feel the need to kick butt like Emma Peel. We know you do, cause we know the feeling well. It's easier to do the kicking then it is to find just the right look to wear while getting the job done. To the rescue comes this sharp black wool jumpsuit from the 1990's designed by Isaac Mizrahi just for you. Keep the accessories unusual and bold and the make up dramatic and out there. After all if you are gonna kick their butt you want it to be memorable don't you.
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ANNE KLEIN - 1980's Pebble Crepe Kimono Coat & Draped Trousers

Once upon a time there was a woman named Alexis. Anytime you need a look that says I only need one name, this is it. Take a wonderful wool pebble crepe ensemble designed by Donna Karan for Anne Klein from the hedonistic 1980's and just add presence. We like it made modern when mixed with vintage. Fashion forward shoes topped by a pleated and wrapped turban from the 1950's with a flash of bold jewelry over a modern bustier with a vibe from the past is a mix that says NOW. Just exactly the feel we want when mixing vintage and modern design.

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CHRISTIAN DIOR BOUTIQUE - 1990's Brown Twill Swing Coat

Who doesn't love a bit of Foreign Intrigue? Why not play I spy with this great wool twill swing coat created by Gianfranco Ferre for Christian Dior Boutique in the mid 1990's. Toss it on over plaid jodhpurs and a romantic lace detailed blouse, then add a pair of impossibly modern ankle boots to add just the right bit of spice to a twisted traditional English country vibe. Add playful accessories and a serious bag, you know it is always best to mix it up. Keep the make up soft and the fragrance spicy, while you enjoy being the fox on the hunt. Just bring him back alive!


DONALD BROOKS - 1970's Pop Art Print Maxi Dress

We all know that BARBIE is the ultimate style icon so why not borrow some summer fashion tips directly form her case. Take a colorful vintage cotton pique pop art print maxi that is both cool as well as hot, now isn't that the perfect summer combo. Keep the accessories to a minimum because all you fashion savvy gals know that when its hot lots of jangle only weighs you down. A great pair of shades, sleek nails and a perfect lip gloss is really all need to show off the perfect tan. Add a splash of your fav lite summer scent and you are set by day or night. It really isn't hard to be an Urbane Butterfly.


WILLIAM TRAVILLA - Flame Ruffle Gown & Shawl

When an iconic gown from Hollywood hits 4.5 Million on the auction block it tends to get noticed. When you want to receive that same type notoriety, why not reach for something as stunning from the same creative designer. William Travilla was the master mind behind that white pleated halter dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in "The Seven Year Itch", the one that instantly made all subway grates popular. Here he takes a silk georgette in flame and cutting on the bias, creates a body conscious gown that will make you the equal of any Hollywood Siren. To amp up the flirtatious quality he adds a ruffle shawl to not only keep the chill away but to heat up any male withing sight. So channel your inner goddess and make an entrance that will instantly make you an icon.

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CALVIN KLEIN - Weekend in Cabo

Mixing Vintage & Modern Style
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Ok! it's time to think about what to take to the beach. Forget the cut offs and the halter top, leave that over done look to the less style evolved. Let comfortable chic be your guide and reach for this vintage Calvin Klein soft and supple linen stripe caftan. Great for day, over a bikini or night over just a great scent. All you need add is a great bag for the beach, that just there bikini, some simple but graphic jewelry and a pale wash of make up to enhance the tan. So, just wrap a colorful scarf around your head and stand out from the crowd.


Love the beach but never leave your style at home. It is so easy to just let it all hang out and forget that a look you can be proud of should also go to the beach. Let comfort rule by all means, just remember it has a friend that wants to go along as well, so don't forget the chic. Simple soft fabrics and graphic accessories are great choices for the beach. Just remember to take good sun protection and a pair of great shades.


OSCAR de la RENTA - Summer Mint

Sometimes you need what was at one time called a don't dress outfit. You know those occasions when casual just doesn't feel right and fancy looks wrong. This vintage 1980's Oscar de la Renta is the perfect choice for those in between times, it looks polished but feels oh so comfortable when worn. It is made from a sturdy but supple mint silk crape and is lined in a matching silk crape de chine for body as well as comfort. Mix it up with coral accessories and a pale but distinct makeup, because sometimes subtle makes the loudest statement.

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When dressing for a don't dress event, never use this as an excuse for casual don't care comfort. Create a polished put together look with a hint of sparkle, but remember to keep the shoes and jewelry mixing it to create a beautiful yet modern statement for maneuvering through the urban jungle.


ADELE SIMPSON - Celadon Diamante Button Silk & Wool Cocktail Sheath

What makes our style modern? It is a constant question on our quest for just the right mix that makes us standout without being laughed out. We believe in always injecting the unusual into an expected concept. Take this vintage Adele Simpson cocktail sheath from the 1960's. A traditional period evening look without a doubt. Yet mix in a blend of metal chains, mother of pearl and last but not least a healthy dose of Lucite and instantly you have created WOW instead of WHY. Add a splash of signature scent, a smudged eye and lightly glossed lip and you are not only modern but possibly fashion forward. We always say why follow when you can lead!
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We love Lucite especially with evening wear because it instantly says iconoclast and we love nothing better then to challenge the established. Modern fashion will always look toward new concepts while internalizing the best of the past. So always strive to wear your vintage with a twist of the modern, its like a whisper of dry in a sparkling Martini.


DONALD BROOKS - Bold Graphic Print Belted Silk Dress

When it's hot outside and you still need to look like a professional, what's a girl to do? It is best to keep it light and comfortable yet crisp and defined, sounds like a contradiction, but if you think about it a bit you realize its a perfect match. Take this vintage 1960's graphic print silk Donald Brooks, it will keep you light an comfortable due to the sleeveless cut and structured woven silk as well as crisp and defined because of the sharp graphic print. We call that a win/win in the world of biz. To keep it modern mix an ankle strap platform and a structured bucket bag with a graphic splash of color on the nails and a light shadow on the eye with a bold lip. A great look for comfortably taking over the world!

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When wearing a bold graphic print it is always best to keep your accessories bold as well. Keep the print on the down low when working with accessories mixed with a graphic print. Keep it close to solid with a pop of strong color which will immediately makes it as graphic as the print. Mix it or match it but keep it strong and above all enjoy it.


TODD OLDHAM - Cubist Print Vest & Capri Pants

Are you always on the look out for great warm weather looks that work as well for vacation as they do on the hot streets of the city . If so, take a look at this silk vest and capri pants created by Todd Oldham from the early 1990's. It captures a playful as well as colorful mood that is perfect for warm weather vacations, but is equally as easy to wear once you are back in the city. We love bold colors and the feel of collage offered in this outfit and like it contrasted with accessories that have a naive hand crafted feeling to them. So plan to embrace a colorful Summer and have fun, fun, fun, till your daddy takes the Tbird away.
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We love the way bold color will always enhance a beautiful tan, however keep in mind that this only applies to clothing and accessories but never to make up. The bolder the make up is when wearing it with a tan the older and harder you are going to look, count on it. It's great to have a look the is reminiscent of chic summers in 1960's Portifino, not so great to look like you were there in the 1960's. No one wants to look like an antique,you just want to own them. Think about it!


LANVIN - Black Moire Off Shoulder Cocktail Dress

Anytime you want to channel your inner femme fatale it is always best to reach for something form fitting that showcases your lethal charms. We can think of nothing more fitting then this LANVIN designed by Claude Montana in the early 1990s. It captures the allure of the traditional French flirts mixed with the sharp geometric edges so familiar to the work of Montana. Pair it with black and silver velvet and metallic studs to make it modern and then keep the make up and nails pale and a lightly shimmering nude lilac . That way when a man see you coming he won't know if you are going to fall at his feet or handcuff him to the nearest post, and trust us nothing will hold his attention longer. We suggest a bit of both just to keep him off guard.
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When planning your evening look it always pays to have a bit of yen with your yang. If you are planning a structured look add a bit of interesting softness and if the look is soft keep it memorable with a bit of an edge. Example: for a structured look add a soft organic evening pouch or if your look is soft add bold geometric accessories. Modern dressing will always embraces the interesting contrast.


MARISA TOMEI - Vintage Trips Over a Mash Up

Marisa Tomei wears vintage Charles James on the red carpet at the 2011 Oscar Awards. We love vintage and always will but we don't advocate wearing it just because it is vintage. Sometimes vintage clothing from a recognizable decade will only look dated and museum worthy.....we want our vintage to make fresh modern unique statements of style. Black is a hard sell on the runway at the best of times as it will always photograph flat. So if you must wear it make sure there aren't different fabrications involved or you will get the above result, a two toned colors mash up that just doesn't work together. Now I know you say it's just the effect of the flash bulbs, that the colors actually match. We say the runway rush is all about the photos that generate the press, that sells the mags, and feeds the blogs so if you are going to borrow or (gasp!!) purchase a dress for the red carpet have sense enough to give it a flash test because if you don't, you are headed to the worst dressed list. Important piece of fashion history, most definitely, great choice for the red carpet, most definitely not.


ADOLFO - Patchwork Knit Vest & Hot Pants

You know that you have always wanted a little knitted patchwork vest and hot pants, it's alright to admit it. Sometimes you just want to be playful and irreverent, often even cheeky. Well this ADOLFO from the late 1960s is the perfect solution. It makes you smile just looking, so think how it would feel wearing it, not to mention the attention it will attract. You thought knitted patchwork was only for throws.....Silly Girl!
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When wearing loosely knitted garments always check yourself from all angles before leaving the house because even the smallest bulge will look like a mountain. By all means wear knits for their comfort as well as their beauty, but always with the sleekest of undergarments. Then you will have no need to let worry interferer with a girl just wanting to have fun.


PERRY ELLIS - Lazy Afternoon

Casual and comfortable can also be mucho grande sexy and who doesn't love that combo. Nothing beats the heat like a peasant blouse and full skirt and no one ever did that look better then Perry Ellis. Here from the late 1970s is a great example of sexy casual comfort in the form of an off the shoulder blouse and wide leg stripe gaucho pants. Capturing the flavor and color of the Southwest, nothing shows off a new spring tan better. Take this look now on a great vacation in the sun and later wear it all spring and summer for instant delight. Using beautiful coral and blue for accessories and makeup, you will be totally modern while wearing a beautiful example of vintage creativity.
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When wearing bold strips remember that vertical placement of the stripe will elongate the body while horizontal placement will widens the body. Also, give the eye a place to rest by incorporating a solid color that contrasts with the stripe for additional punch. When working with bold cotton/linen prints and stripes keep your accessories bold and natural using a mixture of wood, resin, bone,nail and metal for a natural modern feel.



Julianne Margulies looking stunning on the red carpet at the 2011 Golden Globes Awards. She is wearing a vintage Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture gown from the spring summer collection of 1985. It is a beautiful contrasting silk crepe with a soft drape of the skirt into a bow on the left waist for a subtle yet truly Parisian take on the feminine form.

Always remember that posture is the make or break accessorie to any look. Stand tall and you will always be a stand out. Slump and you will always look at least 10lbs. heavier then you really are, so stand tall!


ISAAC MIZRAHI - Sundance by Night

One of the most difficult decisions to make during the Sundance Film Festival is what to wear at night. If you want to stand out among the jeans and parka set and we know that you do. We suggest pairing a beautiful black Isaac Mizrahi fur trimmed anorak from the 90s with a blush color fluid bead detail top over a pair of black sparkle trousers and to give it a bit of tough love a pair of brass studded black leather ankle boots. Keep the make up nude to show off that ski tan and let your inner rocker chick loose with a modern flair. Anyone can pair jeans over a scarf and parka to keep warm but who is going to remember that. See you at the movies!
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Choose the right anorak and you have a great piece for day to night. Keep the color light or dark but always make sure that any details blend rather then contrast. If it has contrasting details it will always shout for sports only and when worn at night will look out of place anywhere but a sporting event. Modern evening dressing should always have a bit of a quirk to keep it modern.