ADELE SIMPSON - Celadon Diamante Button Silk & Wool Cocktail Sheath

What makes our style modern? It is a constant question on our quest for just the right mix that makes us standout without being laughed out. We believe in always injecting the unusual into an expected concept. Take this vintage Adele Simpson cocktail sheath from the 1960's. A traditional period evening look without a doubt. Yet mix in a blend of metal chains, mother of pearl and last but not least a healthy dose of Lucite and instantly you have created WOW instead of WHY. Add a splash of signature scent, a smudged eye and lightly glossed lip and you are not only modern but possibly fashion forward. We always say why follow when you can lead!
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We love Lucite especially with evening wear because it instantly says iconoclast and we love nothing better then to challenge the established. Modern fashion will always look toward new concepts while internalizing the best of the past. So always strive to wear your vintage with a twist of the modern, its like a whisper of dry in a sparkling Martini.

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