TODD OLDHAM - Cubist Print Vest & Capri Pants

Are you always on the look out for great warm weather looks that work as well for vacation as they do on the hot streets of the city . If so, take a look at this silk vest and capri pants created by Todd Oldham from the early 1990's. It captures a playful as well as colorful mood that is perfect for warm weather vacations, but is equally as easy to wear once you are back in the city. We love bold colors and the feel of collage offered in this outfit and like it contrasted with accessories that have a naive hand crafted feeling to them. So plan to embrace a colorful Summer and have fun, fun, fun, till your daddy takes the Tbird away.
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We love the way bold color will always enhance a beautiful tan, however keep in mind that this only applies to clothing and accessories but never to make up. The bolder the make up is when wearing it with a tan the older and harder you are going to look, count on it. It's great to have a look the is reminiscent of chic summers in 1960's Portifino, not so great to look like you were there in the 1960's. No one wants to look like an antique,you just want to own them. Think about it!


LANVIN - Black Moire Off Shoulder Cocktail Dress

Anytime you want to channel your inner femme fatale it is always best to reach for something form fitting that showcases your lethal charms. We can think of nothing more fitting then this LANVIN designed by Claude Montana in the early 1990s. It captures the allure of the traditional French flirts mixed with the sharp geometric edges so familiar to the work of Montana. Pair it with black and silver velvet and metallic studs to make it modern and then keep the make up and nails pale and a lightly shimmering nude lilac . That way when a man see you coming he won't know if you are going to fall at his feet or handcuff him to the nearest post, and trust us nothing will hold his attention longer. We suggest a bit of both just to keep him off guard.
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When planning your evening look it always pays to have a bit of yen with your yang. If you are planning a structured look add a bit of interesting softness and if the look is soft keep it memorable with a bit of an edge. Example: for a structured look add a soft organic evening pouch or if your look is soft add bold geometric accessories. Modern dressing will always embraces the interesting contrast.