GIORGIO ARMANI - Blush Is The New Bashful

It has been said that we work our life away, now if this is true shouldn't we want to look elegantly fashionable while on the move. To make it more interesting change you look to reflect your mood.....like today ,if you woke up in a playful mood but yet were feeling shy then why not reflect this and keep your accessories pink and pale. Just for fun give them a 1920s vibe by adding T-strap pumps, a cashmere shawl and cloche to give your modern Giorgio Armani wool crepe jacket and trousers a feeling of vintage excitement. If fashion says make your vintage look modern, why not turn it around and make your modern look have a whisper of vintage. It is sure to make a great statement and give the day much more interest.
Could blush be the new bashful?

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REBECCA MINKOFF - Share a STUD with Lauren,Whitney and Molly!

Sometimes it is proper to share a stud with others, especially one that is as supple and well built as this one. Now, before your wanton little minds stray to far to the dark side let us share our little secret. We were referring to the bag that captured the hearts and arms of young Hollywood, it goes by the name of "Stud Devote" and we can't think of a better one. Created by Rebecca Minkoff, it is made of supple Italian leather and decorated with buckle straps and rows of brass studs giving you a beautiful tote that carries all the necessities of life. We leave it up to you to supply the other studs after all we really don't know your type except in great handbags.
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EMANUEL UNGARO - Oriental Floral Silk & Velvet Shawl Collar Jacket

As the season turns toward fall, aren't you thinking about just the right topper that says fashionable and yet also totally unique. If this describes you then look no further then this vintage 1980s oriental inspired floral silk & velvet jacket created by Emanuel Ungaro. We love it over sumptuous evening wear but also enjoy seeing it used in a totally unexpected context. So don't be afraid to toss it on and belt it over a T and jeans with your hair pulled up in a messy loose french twist and a pair of black leather studded Balenciaga stiletto sandals. However you choose to wear it be prepared for your inner coquette to come out and prowl.
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Frockology Style Tip:

Never be afraid to introduce a bit of after five lux before the sun sets. Just remember to keep it simple and bold, and allow it to be a focal point, because it will attract all the attention just because of the juxtaposition of the surprise of the unexpected. Now wasn't that the plan all along, we thought so!


GIANFRANCO FERRE - Black Silk Lace Wiggle Cocktail

Looking forward to a wonder holiday season fashion has discovered lace for fall in a big way. Nothing is more feminine and alluring for the evening then a form fitting lace cocktail dress that always reveals just the right amount of perfumed skin. When you embrace the look by wearing a vintage black silk lace Gianfranco Ferre dress created in the late 1980s, you will be taking a trend and making it timeless. Catching the light, jet encrusted lace gives a shimmer of sensuality to different areas of your body with each movement. To complete the look add a dramatic red lip and Victorian jet chandelier earrings paired with a black satin stiletto pump and small evening clutch of ruby velvet, holding a hankie scented with Chanel No.5 and your cell so you can text the gossip.....xoxo!

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Frockology Style Tip:

When wearing lace always remember that the more structure it has the better it will look on your body. The structure can come from the fabrication itself, the way the garment is constructed or something as simple as the way it shapes your body. Always keep in mind that it is better to be asked to dine at the table then be mistaken for it.