Calvin Klein Collection
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Loving basic black this New Years Eve, for some reason it just feels right. It is a great way to show off sparkle and nothing looks as curvaceous as the female form in a black wiggle dress. Keep in mind that works for both coming as well as going. So take your time entering a festive gathering as well as leaving. Always taking Proust as your example and become a remembrance of things past.


Giuseppe Zanotti
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Frockology Style Tip:
Always look toward stand out accessories when pumping excitement into a basic look. They can take you from drab to fab with just the addition of a wow piece. However, keep in mind to much wow and you will look like a back up hip hop dancer, when your place should be front and center. You know the paparazzi flash only reaches so far back, so don't miss the light.



"You are only as original as the obscurity of your source!"


It is true that every thing old is new again when it comes to fashion. The secret to making it modern is in the assembly, how we put together our style is what makes us shine as an individual. If you take look A from celebunot B and continue, then you are not in the least original just another fashion victim in search of inspiration in all the wrong places.



Detail: Vintage Bob Mackie
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Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season full of sparkle.


THINK BEFOR YOU WEAR - Dita Von Tease Vs. You

DitaVon Tease VS. You

Each time you leave your home, your look defines how you feel about you as well as the way you feel about life. Yup, there you are running an errand in your comfy sweats and hair hanging limp and suddenly around the corner comes the man you have your radar set to attract.......you hold your breath, should you duck into the nearest doorway or let nature take its course.....trust us, only in the movies will he stop and fall at your feet. In reality he will just pass you by. Now, we love Dita and her look but that belongs to her, but we do stress the mantra " LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAVE"

Remember it takes just as long to dress with some thought as it does to just pull any thing on willy nilly and take a chance with your future. Always put together a look that is a wow even when casual, it will make you look great but more important, will give you a great outlook on life. It doesn't take heaps of money to have style but it does take thought and a full length mirror.So we recommend investing in both.


THINK FOR YOURSELF - Leopard or Not?

Chloe Sevigney
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Glamour magazine has asked the question " Leopard Harem Pants a Do or a Don't?" The answer it seems is an astounding YES but only because Chloe Sevigney has added a pair to her
"fashion" collection and been photographed wearing them.

Frockology Style Tip:
Ask yourself the following: "Why does this look right?" if the answer is that it fits your style and flatters you then regardless of the whim of fashion it is a firm DO.
STYLE will always be a definite DO while FASHION is very often a DON'T.


VINTAGE SUPRISE - Balmain Why Bother?

Jenifer Connelly wears a loner BALMAIN @ $4000.00+
Vintage 1980s SWEELO @ $24.99

Do you ever wonder where the hype surpasses the quality of the creative? Let's take the above as a perfect example, both are green sequin and bugle beads hand sewn onto silk chiffon with a strong padded shoulder silhouette and made with a basic pattern and dressmaking construction. Now subtract the famous face and remove the labels and what you have left is the quality of the creative, the rest is just HYPE. So, for the DIYers out there just click the photo and with a quick cut and hem you can be styling with what VOGUE considers one of the BEST of the FRENCH fashion pack.

FROCKOLOGY Point of View:

You should always look for talent in the construction, fabrication, cut and fit of a garment, but never allow yourself to be influenced by the HYPE that surrounds the selling of what is called FASHION. You should always be perfecting your own personal style, because only then will you truly shine.



STYLE MAKERS - Carine Rotifeld

Carine Rotifeld
Editor in Chief
Vogue Paris


Having great style is sometimes as easy as having the right attitude. If you feel dowdy then trust us, you are, however if you feel stylish and walk tall with pride in your stride......then you will have the best style possible.
With this in mind have a great holiday and a very stylish new year.


BUTTER London - Goldfinger is in the house!

The Full Monty
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Go for the gold this holiday season and deck your nails out with glimmer and shine.


ROMEO GIGLI - Vintage Sportswear

Romeo Gigli
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Italian - Circa.1980s.

Bronze metallic leggings mixed with a silk taffeta blouse make for a great alternative to the traditional holiday festive fashions.

Frockology Style Tip:
When working with anything metallic always consider dressing it down as well as up. It will work equally as well with leather and denim as it does with silk and velvet. Plus dressing it down will make it very modern in look and feel.


CELEBRITY WHOOPS - Reason To Choose Vintage

Why Choose Vintage?
See Above!

In all the cities, in all the world, two looks repeat in the same city...play it again stylist/designer. When wearing vintage and styling yourself the chances of seeing your look coming and going on the same day much less the same city is probably not going to happen. Something to think about.....right!