THINK BEFOR YOU WEAR - Dita Von Tease Vs. You

DitaVon Tease VS. You

Each time you leave your home, your look defines how you feel about you as well as the way you feel about life. Yup, there you are running an errand in your comfy sweats and hair hanging limp and suddenly around the corner comes the man you have your radar set to attract.......you hold your breath, should you duck into the nearest doorway or let nature take its course.....trust us, only in the movies will he stop and fall at your feet. In reality he will just pass you by. Now, we love Dita and her look but that belongs to her, but we do stress the mantra " LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAVE"

Remember it takes just as long to dress with some thought as it does to just pull any thing on willy nilly and take a chance with your future. Always put together a look that is a wow even when casual, it will make you look great but more important, will give you a great outlook on life. It doesn't take heaps of money to have style but it does take thought and a full length mirror.So we recommend investing in both.

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