VINTAGE SUPRISE - Balmain Why Bother?

Jenifer Connelly wears a loner BALMAIN @ $4000.00+
Vintage 1980s SWEELO @ $24.99

Do you ever wonder where the hype surpasses the quality of the creative? Let's take the above as a perfect example, both are green sequin and bugle beads hand sewn onto silk chiffon with a strong padded shoulder silhouette and made with a basic pattern and dressmaking construction. Now subtract the famous face and remove the labels and what you have left is the quality of the creative, the rest is just HYPE. So, for the DIYers out there just click the photo and with a quick cut and hem you can be styling with what VOGUE considers one of the BEST of the FRENCH fashion pack.

FROCKOLOGY Point of View:

You should always look for talent in the construction, fabrication, cut and fit of a garment, but never allow yourself to be influenced by the HYPE that surrounds the selling of what is called FASHION. You should always be perfecting your own personal style, because only then will you truly shine.

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