BRADLEY BAYOU - Vintage Sportswear

Sometimes a yellow silk house dress just feels so modern. Bradley Bayou always the first to play with detail, gives us a tongue in cheek riff on the traditional button front house dress of yore. Wear it as a mini or over jeans or colorful leggings, just remember to always be a girl having fun with your fashion.

Bradley Bayou
American - c. 1990s
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Listen up, never be afraid to incorporate a bit of cartoon fashion to your style. The secret to success is to remember that one piece equals fashion envy, two or more equals laughter at your expense. Get it right and you get the first as well as the last laugh.

ANNE KLEIN - Vintage Sportswear

Sometimes it just feels right to slide into a caftan and simple slides and let your hair go wild and free. Pile on bold brass jewelry and splash a bit of Patchouli behind your ears and channel your inner Bohemian. No one understood that like Anne Klein, who always created clothing that was comfortable as well as playful. She just got it, in so many ways and is considered on of the leaders of mid century modern sportswear. Just make sure the lion is on the label because when he went so did the creative genius behind the Anne Kline label.

Anne Klein
American - c. 1960s
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Remember that comfortable does not give you an excuse to be sloppy. A well cut caftan or a beautifully colored bohemian full length cotton isle dress or low cut simple print cotton pants and a crisp top will always look right and evoke envy. A running suit or stretch pants and a big loose top leaves you in the middle of the fashion herd. Enough said!


HALSTON - Vintage Couture

Do you hear that...it's the beach calling. You know that you are going to answer, the only question, what is the one item on your must take list. What, covers a swimsuit, looks good belted over jeans and owns the night just paired with a pair of bronze slides. Give up......just look up! A side slit tunic cut loose like a caftan and made out of a light weight golden honan silk is just the right answer. HALSTON was always there for you, creating with his modern sense of minimalism. Collect his work definitely but also don't forget the enjoyment of wearing something vintage but oh so modern.

American - c. Resort 1972
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Place versatility high on your list of criteria when considering any style purchase. If it can do double or triple duty then you have made a purchase worth its weight in fashion gold. It will extend your choices and keep your peeps surprised at how well it show up next in your wardrobe. Now that is a guessing game we all enjoy playing.

CALVIN KLEIN -Modern Vintage Sportswear

Say adieu to dark leather and embrace the vibrancy of pastel when seeking something to ward off the chill. It catches the attention and incites envy in anyone who didn't think of it themselves. Calvin Klein is always a great choice when searching for pale coloration and minimal detail, here he gives you simple, sensual chic in a timeless package. Now, that will always cause a riot.

Calvin Klein Collection
American - c.1990s
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Be bold, be different, just say NO to traditional coloration. When it comes to leather the more pale the color the more valuable the leather as light colors show any blemish as if spotlighted. So don't be afraid, slip into the pale and if they stare take it as a compliment. Anytime you think outside the box you are sure to come up a winner in the fashion game.


TODD OLDHAM - Vintage Sportswear

Spring is just around the corner, and a colorful floral print just look fresh and right especially if dragons and Todd Oldham are involved. It makes you want to see the impressionist paintings at the Met but watch out you might see yourself, as this jacket is in the Costume Institute permanent collection.

Todd Oldham
American - Spring 1995
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Never be afraid to wear a bold floral pattern. The secret is in the proportion, the size of the print should always be chosen to compliment the person wearing it.
If you are petite type avoid over scaled large prints as you will get lost amongst them. If you are the statuesque type, avoid the small mini floral print it won't do you justice as it will get lost on you. So get out there and embrace a floral print, you will feel the attraction of renewal.


PAULINE TRIGERE - Vintage Couture

Pauline Trigere was a master at sculpting her designs by first taking a bolt of fabric, cutting into it, then draping and pining the fabric directly onto the human form to create beautiful hand crafted works of art. Never one to first draw her inspirations onto paper and having a pattern cut, she allowed the fabric to become her muse speaking directly to her hands as she worked directly on a live mannequin. Collecting and wearing Trigere is to understand and accept only the best in craftsmanship.
Pauline Trigere
American - c.1970s
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Quality in design as well as fabrication will always give you a lasting investment in style. Be a true original in your style choices and you will always have the security, that allows you the knowledge that what ever is the trend of the moment , you will shine.

DONNA KARAN - Vintage Sportswear

Donna Karan is ready willing and able to make you RED HOT this season. A great look for the beach and later for cocktails in the city. Take a cotton knit bodysuit and matching sarong skirt, add a dash of imagination then mix and match your many different moods. Playful to sensual this will do it all. Just add you!

Donna Karan
American - c.1980s
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Make friends with a cotton knit bodysuit and you will be comfortable and cool all summer long. Dress it up or down, it can take it. Packs well, and is always ready when you are. Now if you could only say that about men!



Calista Flockhart looking sensual and comfortable on the red carpet at the premiere of "Extraordinary Measures". Once again vintage proves to be an eye catching, stunning choice among the styled herd. Calista, secure in her style choice, wears a beautiful golden lurex sheath from an unknown designer, the gown has no label. Can you say her choice worn her way. We certainly will!


Be secure in your style choices, just say no to being a label ho. A logo or label might satisfy an ego but will never show your individual fashion savvy.

CELEBRITY BASHING - Allen says FU to stylists

Joan Allen on the red carpet at the SAG Awards looking a bit different from the styled herd around her. That you like it or not isn't really the important point to focus on. Take a minute and a deep breath and look around you. Wow, most every female looked alike, did you notice? Probably not, due to the fact that every female in tinsel town has a stylist and each stylist has deals cut with different designers to push their over priced less then quality merch, and since most modern fashion looks similar you have a heard of styled billboards walking the red carpet. So when a true rebel walks onto the carpet you gasp and decide that since she doesn't follow she must be wrong. Joan like most everyone, is a person who has her own opinions and options in choice of style.Be yourself make your own style decisions, vintage or modern, that we here at FROCKOLOGY will always




CALVIN KLEIN - Vintage Sportswear

Calvin Klein was a master of creating with a sensually sexy minimalistic vibe. His designs always showcased the feminine shape allowing the body to give life and shape to his inspirations. Wearing Klein is always to embrace sharply minimal design that is sensual as well as comfortable. He always gave us totally modern sportswear.

Calvin Klein
American - c. 1980s
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Frockology Style Tip:
Wearing minimal is always an excuse to showcase your bold colorful accessories. This is not the time to wear delicate small jewelry. Go big and brash wearing all the pieces that take over a look. Now you are thinking modern.

RALPH LAUREN - Vintage Sportswear

Ralph Lauren is always ready to embrace his western muse. He has an ongoing love of anything with even a whisper of the of the American west, taking his many inspirations and transforming them into modern wearable style.

Ralph Lauren
American - c. 1970s
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When working with madras never let it's lightweight quality stop you from wearing it year round. It layers well but also works great as a mid layer over legging and under a great Mohave woven blanket wrap sweater and turquoise & silver belt, worn with well loved cowboy boots. Sometimes you just have to stomp it out.


VINTAGE FILM - Modesty Blaise

Today in the studio we are screening MODESTY BLAISE an over the top spy romp with great costumes. We are always screening unique vintage film here at the studio. They have a way of inspiring us to look at style and fashion in new ways.


GIANFRANCO FERRE - Vintage Couture

GIANFRANCO FERRE was know as the architect of fashion for his background and unique take on style. Always incorporating structural elements in even his most fluid creations, he sculpted some of the most memorable elements of late 20th century fashion. Here he takes a basic shape and challenges your preconceived notions of how a jumpsuit should relate to feminine style. Is it evening wear or sportswear or simply an elegant design that reflects his muse?

When working with a structural bow an interesting addition is to take golden wood chopsticks and insert them through the knot in the bow giving a rich textural surprise. Always think outside the box when it comes to accessories and where you place them, just remember if it looks or feels contrived it is ....NOTE: Paris Hilton necklace as headband is the perfect example of contrived.


On the red carpet looking elegant and modern at the Golden Globe Awards Kyra Sedgwick wearing vintage Chanel Haute Couture. You will never go wrong when wearing great vintage design, it gives you a unique look as well as holds its value.
Wearing lace can be a challenge, always make sure that your lace gown is build on a support structure, to avoid looking like you are wearing a tablecloth. If the lace is a lightweight fluid silk you want to make sure it is lined in nothing more then a silk chiffon to allow it to mold the body as you move. The trouble starts when the lace is heavy and not supported properly, then you get that droop that no amount of accessories can help. Never fear lace just make sure it is your friend.

CHESTER WEINBERG - Vintage Couture

CHESTER WEINBERG always gave us the best reflection of the bold colorful inspirations of pop art trends found in 1960s fashion. Hip yet elegant was always a trademark of this creative designer. To wear Weinberg is to embrace your inner world traveling socialite living a lush life.

Chester Weinberg
American - C. 1960s
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When wearing an overall bold colorful print always keep your accessories as bold as the print but in a solid color or a mix of solid colors and always in a graphic shape. This will balance your look and keep it modern and sharply focused.

HALSTON - Vintage Couture

HALSTON brought his minimalist sensibilities to every aspect of modern style. He always preferred using cut, fabrication and the human form to give life to his creations. Never one to add extraneous details to his designs just to give decoration, he always paired down his elements of design. Wearing Halston you know that you will always be comfortably elegant as well as totally modern.

American - c. 1970s
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Always reach for ultrasuede when you travel. It is comfortable for all climates and can be dressed up as well as down. Slide a jacket over charmuse trousers and add some pearls or take a skirt and add a flowing blouse and silk shawl for a quick evening look or toss the same jacket over jeans. Ultrasuede will always stretch a travel wardrobe giving fresh looks and comfortable wear.



Julia Roberts

looking modern and glamorous wearing a vintage 1970s Yves Saint Laurent cocktail dress despite the rain at the Golden Globes Awards. Once again, Julia shows that by choosing to enhance her style, making her own fashion choices and not being a sheep and following the dictates of what is new and borrowed, she stands out from the fashion following herd.
Frockology Style Tip:
When you have an event to attend and the weather is damp and wet. Always remember the following hair spray and damp weather equal frizz, and water spots silk, droops chiffon and makes satin very heavy. However, matte jersey will weather the storm with a fresh look and feel, so always keep a little black dress in this fabric ready to take you anywhere in any weather looking great.


GIORGIO ARMANI - Vintage Couture

Giorgio Armani
a designer who never creates clothing that shout look at me, his creations only need whisper, causing you to pay total attention. Nothing caresses the body like his fabrications making you move in a sensual way that captures the eye as well as the senses. Wear Armani when you want to be comfortable as well as provocative.
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Italian - c.1980s

ARNOLD SCAASI - Vintage Couture

Arnold Scaasi
American- C.1980s
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Gives you a heart on with this elegant homage to feminine elegance. A wonderful black silk moire appliqued with multicolored hearts, sculpted into a strapless drop waist, bubble hem cocktail dress with a matching jacket. Can you think of a more exciting look to celebrate Valentines Day. Wear your heart on your sleeve and dance the night away.
Have a great Valentines Day!



Kate Walsh
A vision in sparkle was seen last night at The Peoples Choice Awards, wearing a vintage Sarmi from the swinging sixties. Anyone who says that new is better has never experienced wearing a well cut, figure flattering gown made by a designer who learned their craft from a master couturier.




A perfect film for the vintage fashion aficionado. "Darling" directed by John Schlesinger in 1965 is an excellent showcase for the new wave of British fashion that was just beginning to explode on the forefront of world style. It also captures the emerging freedom of the young that made the sixties swing. Give it a screening and let yourself embrace what for its time was considered very risque.



Penelope Cruz:

Attended the London Premiere of Nine wearing a vintage gown by Ralph Lauren. We here at FROCKOLOGY would have preferred a little less vintage hair and a bit more Federic Fekkai. Once again it becomes easy to see why wearing vintage guarantees you will always be a true original.