ANNE KLEIN - Vintage Sportswear

Sometimes it just feels right to slide into a caftan and simple slides and let your hair go wild and free. Pile on bold brass jewelry and splash a bit of Patchouli behind your ears and channel your inner Bohemian. No one understood that like Anne Klein, who always created clothing that was comfortable as well as playful. She just got it, in so many ways and is considered on of the leaders of mid century modern sportswear. Just make sure the lion is on the label because when he went so did the creative genius behind the Anne Kline label.

Anne Klein
American - c. 1960s
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Remember that comfortable does not give you an excuse to be sloppy. A well cut caftan or a beautifully colored bohemian full length cotton isle dress or low cut simple print cotton pants and a crisp top will always look right and evoke envy. A running suit or stretch pants and a big loose top leaves you in the middle of the fashion herd. Enough said!

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