HALSTON - Vintage Couture

Do you hear that...it's the beach calling. You know that you are going to answer, the only question, what is the one item on your must take list. What, covers a swimsuit, looks good belted over jeans and owns the night just paired with a pair of bronze slides. Give up......just look up! A side slit tunic cut loose like a caftan and made out of a light weight golden honan silk is just the right answer. HALSTON was always there for you, creating with his modern sense of minimalism. Collect his work definitely but also don't forget the enjoyment of wearing something vintage but oh so modern.

American - c. Resort 1972
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Place versatility high on your list of criteria when considering any style purchase. If it can do double or triple duty then you have made a purchase worth its weight in fashion gold. It will extend your choices and keep your peeps surprised at how well it show up next in your wardrobe. Now that is a guessing game we all enjoy playing.

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