CALVIN KLEIN -Modern Vintage Sportswear

Say adieu to dark leather and embrace the vibrancy of pastel when seeking something to ward off the chill. It catches the attention and incites envy in anyone who didn't think of it themselves. Calvin Klein is always a great choice when searching for pale coloration and minimal detail, here he gives you simple, sensual chic in a timeless package. Now, that will always cause a riot.

Calvin Klein Collection
American - c.1990s
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Be bold, be different, just say NO to traditional coloration. When it comes to leather the more pale the color the more valuable the leather as light colors show any blemish as if spotlighted. So don't be afraid, slip into the pale and if they stare take it as a compliment. Anytime you think outside the box you are sure to come up a winner in the fashion game.


  1. Nice post, I'm agree with U about the use of colours.
    Even if this Year I extremely liked the black on Spring Givenchy collection.

  2. Oh I love the color of that! I've been looking for a pale pink leather scuba style jacket for the longest time and haven't been successful.

  3. Ms. B,
    Pale pink leather would be an excellent choice for your coloring so keep up the search I know you will be successful.

  4. Val,
    Combine the black with a pop of color and make both a stand out.
    Ricardo does great things with the color black I have to agree.