GIORGIO ARMANI - Blush Is The New Bashful

It has been said that we work our life away, now if this is true shouldn't we want to look elegantly fashionable while on the move. To make it more interesting change you look to reflect your mood.....like today ,if you woke up in a playful mood but yet were feeling shy then why not reflect this and keep your accessories pink and pale. Just for fun give them a 1920s vibe by adding T-strap pumps, a cashmere shawl and cloche to give your modern Giorgio Armani wool crepe jacket and trousers a feeling of vintage excitement. If fashion says make your vintage look modern, why not turn it around and make your modern look have a whisper of vintage. It is sure to make a great statement and give the day much more interest.
Could blush be the new bashful?

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