BILL BLASS - Dark Lady

The holiday season is fast approaching and choosing a new frock for all the festivities is of paramount importance. Like Goldilocks you want it to be just right. They say a little black dress will fit in anywhere, but is that really the best choice when you are in the mood to shine. It is if you like to be subtle but also want to pack a punch of style with this modern vintage black silk Bill Blass from the 1990s. It is all lady like reserve from the front but totally drop dead vamp from the rear using a bare back encased in ropes of pearls and closed with a satin bow to weave a web of allure. Keep the face pale and the accessories matte to give this vintage cocktail dress a modern vibe. The best dress possible for making a grand exit especially when the men will probably be following and you all know how myopic they can be.
When wearing an evening ensemble that is highly decorative it is best to keep your accessories dark and in a matte finish with as little sparkle as possible. It is always a fashion faux pas when you sparkle more then the decorations.

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