KRIZIA - Hot Winter Nights

We know that this time of year can get hectic with an overload of holiday gaiety. So much festive dressing can make you wish you were at home in your most comfortable of plush lounge wear. Welcome Mariuccia Mandelli of Krizia to the rescue, bearing perhaps the only answer to a maidens prayer for warm and comfortable yet sensational and elegant evening wear. This vintage black angora and silver lurex knit bohemian long gown created in the 1970s is not only iconic but also the perfect answer to casual elegance in the evening.

Sometimes comfortable clothing is the only thing that will get you out of the house. However, that is no excuse to look like you just rolled out of bed, that isn't comfort dressing but just sloppy and lazy. When dressing for comfort think in terms of knitwear, the give will move with you yet retain its shape when in repose. Now befor you shout out hooray! this does not mean sweat pants and a sweatshirt...you know who you are!.....so just stop it now. The world will be a more beautiful place.

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