OSCAR DE LA RENTA - Latin in Manhattan

Luxurious velvet and silk when accented with jet beading always conjures the spirits of a mysterious woman. In the creative hands of Oscar de la Renta it will almost always have a whisper of his Latin heritage as well as the grandeur of the past. This vintage 1980s cocktail dress is a perfect example of his creative genesis,one of creating beautiful clothing that is always eternal, knowing no time or place except the present. Taking the majesty of the Matador and pairing it with colors taken from the paintings of Diego Velasquez, he sculpts a cocktail dress fit for an Infanta.
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When wanting to create a bit of mystery with your style take a cue from the minimalist mantra "Less is More". By less we aren't talking decorative elements we mean less bare flesh. Remember that a hint of possibilities is worth a pound of bare flesh. So add a small amount of your favorite scent to the base of your throat and let it hint at the marvelous contents of a beautifully wrapped present. You know who has control but its best to let them think they do.

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