OSCAR de la RENTA - Summer Mint

Sometimes you need what was at one time called a don't dress outfit. You know those occasions when casual just doesn't feel right and fancy looks wrong. This vintage 1980's Oscar de la Renta is the perfect choice for those in between times, it looks polished but feels oh so comfortable when worn. It is made from a sturdy but supple mint silk crape and is lined in a matching silk crape de chine for body as well as comfort. Mix it up with coral accessories and a pale but distinct makeup, because sometimes subtle makes the loudest statement.

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When dressing for a don't dress event, never use this as an excuse for casual don't care comfort. Create a polished put together look with a hint of sparkle, but remember to keep the shoes and jewelry mixing it to create a beautiful yet modern statement for maneuvering through the urban jungle.

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