PERRY ELLIS - Lazy Afternoon

Casual and comfortable can also be mucho grande sexy and who doesn't love that combo. Nothing beats the heat like a peasant blouse and full skirt and no one ever did that look better then Perry Ellis. Here from the late 1970s is a great example of sexy casual comfort in the form of an off the shoulder blouse and wide leg stripe gaucho pants. Capturing the flavor and color of the Southwest, nothing shows off a new spring tan better. Take this look now on a great vacation in the sun and later wear it all spring and summer for instant delight. Using beautiful coral and blue for accessories and makeup, you will be totally modern while wearing a beautiful example of vintage creativity.
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When wearing bold strips remember that vertical placement of the stripe will elongate the body while horizontal placement will widens the body. Also, give the eye a place to rest by incorporating a solid color that contrasts with the stripe for additional punch. When working with bold cotton/linen prints and stripes keep your accessories bold and natural using a mixture of wood, resin, bone,nail and metal for a natural modern feel.

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