CARLOS FALCHI - Red Snake Skin Duffel Bag

Take a moment and ask yourself, why do I want to carry a bag that identifies me with a certain tribe? Wouldn't I actually prefer to be an individual and not just another drone that follows the leader. If so, put down the bag and step away, you will never be sorry that you have made this decision. Now what you ask? Choose a bag that reflects your personality, but also makes everyone have to ask " Who made that great bag you have?" For quality and hand made craftsmanship it is hard to beat a bag made by Carlos Falchi, especially one made early in his career. Here we offer a beautiful red snake skin duffel shape bag made in the late 1970s. It is great for keeping up with all your needs and travels like a globetrotter. So you need just say it's a Falchi and that will be enough.

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