ITALIAN VOGUE - Oil Spill Style - Fab or Fug

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, an old adage we have all heard numerous times before. Like most sayings there are truths to be found and knowledge to be experienced. Anytime an artist steps away from the accepted, they open themselves to controversy, yet without departure from the expected they never experience growth. In the August issue, Franca Sozzani the editor of Italian Vogue, gives us her feeling about the tragedy of the gulf oil spill, choosing fashion as her medium of expression. Working with the photographer Stephen Meisel and model Kristin McMenamy, together they give us a beautifully disturbing set of images that remind us of the delicate balance of nature. One of the main goals of an artist is to elicit reaction through their work, that reaction either positive or negative is not the most important point, the most important being the viewer walks away having had a visceral reaction that will have forever changed their perceptions. Like them or not once you have experienced the images, you will remember them and when was the last time American Vogue could make that claim of accomplishment. Certainly not by repeating the same type of fashion spreads twelve times a year. Hope your paying attention Anna! Well done Italian Vogue, for making us think in a more aware manner about fashion.

What are your thoughts?

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