BILL BLASS - Modern Vintage Couture

Spring is in the air and a girls thoughts naturally turn toward polka dots and moon beam. Bill Blass will be more than happy to supply the polka dots, offering you a soft as sportswear suit that is cut to be seriously playful. Take it from the boardroom to the saloon, never having to worry if you look like one of the fellas.

Bill Blass
American - c. 1990s
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A suit does not have to look plain or stodgy, the style is up to you. We love a good suit but require that it have a feminine vibe, so when deciding on a suit make sure when you put it on the first time, your thoughts aren't " Now I look like one of the boys".......if that is your game plan you have already lost the battle. Men like women and the smart girl will always use that in her favor. So, take a giant step away from the masculine suit shape.....you both will be glad you did.


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