ANNA SUI - Modern Vintage Sportswear

Spring is in the air and Anna Sui is always ready to catch it, and make it her own. Whimsical, playful and with a touch of femininity is always the muse that inspires Sui to design her rocking collections. What every girl wants when her thoughts turn to casual comfortable fun in the sun.

Anna Sui
American - c. 1990s
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Casual is never an excuse for sloppy. It is even more important to think through your look when you are going casual. When dressing casual think accessories, a bold graphic piece of jewelry, great shades or a big colorful straw bag. Think of things that go POP when dressing in a simple comfortable way and let your accessories do the talking. Count on this, if you whisper you will never be noticed. Spring is the time for great statements and not just burning rubber in a 68 mustang convertible.

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