HALSTON - Vintage Couture

HALSTON will always be the go to designer for elegant feminine clothing that appear simple in detail but are always geometric in cut and construction. His work was always a touch tongue in cheek in the sense that his shapes were almost always found in Americana of the past and then turned upside down and made completely his own. Collect his work always but also wear it as well, it will always deliver a sensual comfortable elegant feeling of modernity.

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Lets talk shirtwaist, I know you are thinking can it get more old and dated. the answer is nope, think outside the box and discover a great new dress shape. Take the matching sash and pull your hair back and then add a great modern shape belt and undo a button or two from the top and bottom and let the good times roll. It will make you feel like a woman but more importantly make you walk like one......trust us men love that idea.
Shirtwaist does not equal house dress.


  1. I personally love shirtwaist dresses and wish they were more common as they suit my figure perfectly. I love the fabric of the one you've featured!

  2. Shirtwaist are always a great choice when you want to feel feminine and yet be comfortable at the same time.