DONNA KARAN - Mixing Vintage & Modern Style

Comfortable and sensual is a combination that wears well in any season. Donna Karan always keeps this in mind when creating her elegant sportswear. Taking luxury fabrics and shaping them into body conscious designs has always been a hallmark of the Karan aesthetic. Here she takes silk in three textures and blends them into a bodysuit, draped harem trousers and wraps them in a loose smoking jacket shape , giving you a sensual excuse for comfort.

Donna Karan
American - Circa 1980s
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We all know wearing clothing that is bare and body conscious can be very sexy, but can slid into hoochy with the ease of a breeze. However, something clinging to the body but covering it at the same time leaves more to the imagination. Trust us men will always create more with their imagination then is actual. Now isn't that a blessing in disguise.

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