ALBERT NIPON - Vintage Couture

Why is it that polka dots always bring a smile to our face? Perhaps, it reminds us of the balloons of childhood or just those happiness filled lazy days of spring and summer. When Albert Nipon works with dots you can bet the creation will be charming and feminine. Here he takes an Irish linen and transforms it into a dress that is as much a delight from the rear as it is from the front, perfect for any occasion that has you standing in a crowd. It will capture attention from any angle and isn't that the best advantage to possess.

Albert Nipon
American - Circa. 1980s
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When dressing for an occasion in the round, like a cocktail party or a wedding reception you must always think in a 360 degree manner, always considering that you are being viewed from all angles. So never dress from just the front, because a lone zipper is the ultimate boring accessory.

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