FASHION HYPE - Tavi Tells Us True

Tavi, the 13 year old editor of the blog STYLE ROOKIE, who hails from the burbs of Chicago manages to stir up a big controversy by just wearing a several seasons old Stephen Jones Bow on her head. We suspect the problem came more from placement then the cartoon like head gear. Sitting front row at the Christian Dior Couture show, at 13, a mere child with a blog of herself wearing quirky clothing and head wear, for most long term fashionfiles this was enough to raise blood pressure, add the over sized bow on the head causing sight line problem and you have a great receipt for what we like to call total FASHION HYPE!
The other fashion blogs (those who take photos of their own egos and publish) are up in arms due to a back lash they say is starting to happen against all fashion bloggers. This sounds like sour grapes more then an affront to fashion bloggers worldwide. You blog, they blog, I blog, does that makes anyone of us more or less of a fashion authority then the major names in fashion? NO, because what is fashion is a completely arbitrary opinion, and everyone is allowed one.
What strikes us as the most comical aspect of this is that Tavi is one quick study, she totally understands the HYPE of modern fashion. It does not matter the quality of what is being hyped only that the name is out there, and the way to do that is to stay in the press. Christian Dior wants as much press as possible because you know those clothes aren't selling and you can't live on handbag sales alone,so they invite a child blogger with a bit of quirk because that will get more press then the clothes. Tavi (or her handlers), no fool be they, has already discovered how the hype works and decides to put her (their) knowledge to work. Stick an over sized bow in her hair sit her front row of a major couture show and bang TOTAL HYPE.

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