ADELE SIMPSON - Let The Good Plaids Roll

Adele Simpson
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American - Circa.1980s.

Sometimes you just want to zip and go, you slept late ect..... so hit the shower, grab some lipstick, twist your hair up in a messy french twist and step into this comfortable sheath and slide on your white rimmed shades and hit the door. Dressing made simple, elegant and modern.
Frockology Care Tip:
Watch what you eat and drink when wearing silk. It seems to attract spills, if this happens always spot clean as soon as possible so the stain will not have time to set. Never rub when spot cleaning silk always dab dry and repeat till the stain dissipated. If you rub you tend to separate the fibers and can cause imperfections in the weave. You know you don't want an imperfect weave.

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