ARNOLD SCAASI - That Old Black Magic

Arnold Scaasi
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American - Circa.1980s.

That old black magic will have you in its spell once again with this Arnold Scaasi. No one takes on evening in the same manner as Scaasi, he embraces it with the love of the craft of true dressmaking. His work is always crisp,clean and extremely well made, they fit like a dream and wear like iron, who can ask for anything more.
Frockology Care Tip:
When working with and wearing sequins or beads, if you see a stray thread.....NEVER PULL IT......always, if there is enough tread knot it behind the sequin or bead, if knot then wrap it around the sequin or bead tightly. Nothing like a line of missing beads or sequins to ruin a girls night.

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