EMANUEL UNGARO - Strong Shoulder Soft Body

Emanuel Ungaro
(click photo for more details)
French - Circa.1980s.

We all need a strong shoulder, it gives us a feeling of power with out dressing like wonder woman, and yet allow us to remain soft when it counts. Here is a great example by the man that first put us in a strong shoulder. Strong yet soft without that over the top exaggeration of super bigger then big shoulders. We love Ungaro and he loved all women and it shows.
Frockology Style Tip:
When wearing a strong shoulder to keep it modern never bring emphasis to the waist. Each time you draw attention to the waist while wearing a strong shoulder you instantly begin to scream look I'm an extra on Dynasty. We don't want you to get bitched slapped by Alexis so keep your silhouette close to the body yet letting the shoulders be the only focal point.

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