BRADLEY BAYOU - Mixing Vintage & Modern Style

When it is time to embrace the warm weather with a casual look there is nothing better then to have a multifunctional vintage garment that says look at me I'm as modern as you. Here you have a Bradley Bayou mini dress from one of his first collections that takes a playful tongue in cheek turn on the button front house dress popular in the 1940s. We like it paired with a roll cuff boyfriend jean and multicolored ankle strap sandals, mixed with simple jewelry and a mixed media clutch plus playfully large shades. Later when it is time to pump up the volume for a festive night, just slip out of the jeans and you have a totally different vibe ready to take on the night. Modern Vintage Multitasking, wow! Not only great style but mixed with great value, a perfect reason to think outside the box.

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