What do you think about the look at me! ain't I got style blogs?

First I think it is great that we have a worldwide platform for expressing opinions on any subjects about which we are passionate. So I am all for it, that said, personally I prefer seeing fashion in motion. I find fashion to be so much more then the sum of its parts. The way a person moves or the power of their personality can often be far more fashionable then any multiple mixing of adornments could ever create. Always remember, you are only as original as the obscurity of your source. Find your inspiration don't borrow it.

Ask me anything?

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  1. What are your thoughts on 'overdressing' - I'm not talking about a ball gown at a daytime event but just wearing a dress and heels when other people are wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
    (I found your blog from Sister Wolf's blog and I like it, I'll be back).