What are your thoughts on "overdressing"- I'm not talking about a ball gown at a daytime event but just wearing a dress and heels when other people are wearing jeans and a T shirt. ( I found your blog from Sister Wolf's blog and I like it I will be back)

I am glad you like our blog and look forward to seeing you there often. "Overdressing" now that is a tough call, we live in a world of anything goes without a clear dictate of what is correct for any given occasion. Given this leeway what is overdressed for one is under dressed for another. So, I say be true to your comfort level and sense of occasion. From a mans perspective a woman in jeans and a T is a fine thing but one in a skirt and heels will get our attention every time. I remember being on the subway once in the mid 1970s, early in the morning and a man and woman in full evening dress boarded and at that instant who was over dressed, because I have to say they looked a lot more interesting then the rest of us. If you feel overdressed then chances are you are, otherwise go forth and have a wonderful fashionably fabulous time.

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