RALPH LAUREN - Vintage Sportswear

When looking for a great skirt that not only beats the heat but also raises the temperature, you will never go wrong when choosing a soft cotton print. Even better if it features a full button front that can be left open for a great flash of leg with each step. Now to make it a perfecta, select this vintage 1970s Ralph Lauren soft blue folkloric print that not only shows off your slim waist but also showcases your long legs. We call that perfectly modern vintage. Pair it now with a bold Gerda Monies necklace, and later with a rust suede Anne Klein jacket, when the weather turns colder.

When wearing a strong print don't always play it safe by pairing with solids, step outside the box and try a little mixology by choosing to incorporate different patterns that enhance or contrast the main pattern. Now put on your big girl skirt and give it a try.

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